Neymar’s Barcelona contract not yet done deal

Neymar is still on the market. That’s the news his father gave potential suitors as he stated a deal will be done until season’s end.

Speaking to the newspaper Ara, the man who Brazilian prosecutors said was the principal mentor and mastermind of a series of contractual frauds involving Neymar’s image rights, said the contract will not be renewed before May or June.

“Neymar has two years left on his contract, said Neymar da Silva Santos. “People can be calm. We have not started talking because we spent too much defending ourselves against accusations that came to us from all over. We are comfortable with the club and the club with us. We’ll wait until May or June, we have time to talk.”

ESPN Brasil reported that the contract was signed back in December and not released due to the ongoing tax scrutiny both Neymar and his father have been under. With Manchester United and Real Madrid rumoured to be interested

“(Real Madrid) has not contacted us. There have been speculations since Neymar was 16 years. They (Barcelona) are getting offers, but the club is preparing to reject them.”


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