Argentina Primera C predictions

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The Argentina Primera C is the fourth level of football in the country’s league system.

Alongside the Torneo Regional Federal Amateur, they are recognised as the fourth tier of the system where teams for regional leagues compete.

In the competition’s history, Colegiales has been the best team in the tournament. The Argentina club has won the most Primera C titles (7) with the last being during the 07/08 season. Villa Dálmine has won the second-most titles (5) while Estudiantes (BA) comes third with four titles. The overall champion at the end of the season is promoted to Primera B.

The  Argentine Football Association (AFA) is an official body that organises and supervises all the football competitions in the country. Established in 1893, the body has organised almost all competitions in the country including the national team.

In this article, you will learn how to bet on the Primera C and where to find the best football betting tips for the competition. You will also learn about betting sites’ promotions for the tournament and the top betting markets to make use of.

Argentina Primera C season preview 

The Argentina Primera season format is divided into two which is the Apertura which means opening and the Clausura which means the closing. The teams play each other once during both tournaments. At the end of the season, the winners of both league titles are seen as the champion. 

After the league season, the play off comes after that to decide the main champion and the team to be promoted to the Primera B. Teams finishing in the second to eight position take part in playoff to determine the other team to be promoted and the ones to be relegated. All teams partaking in the Argentina Primera C include:

  • Argentino   
  • Atlas   
  • Berazategui   
  • Central Córdoba   
  • Claypole
  • Deportivo Español   
  • El Porvenir   
  • Excursionistas   
  • General Lamadrid   
  • Laferrere   
  • Leandro N. Alem   
  • Liniers   
  • Luján   
  • Midland   
  • Puerto Nuevo   
  • Real Pilar   
  • San Martín   
  • Sportivo Italiano

How is Argentina’s football run? What is the Argentinian Primera C?

The Argentine football league system has five divisions with teams being promoted and relegated every season. The Primera division is the top division in the league system while the Primera Nacional comes second then the Primea B before the Primera C. 

The Primera C was first established in 1900 and was then the second level of football before becoming the fourth level after the creation of some other division. Top teams in Primera C are promoted to Primera B while the lowest teams are relegated to Primera D which is the fifth and the lowest tier.

Top Teams and Key Players in Argentina Primera C

Colegiales is the most successful team in the competition’s history although they are currently in Primera B. Dock Sud won the 2021 title and Tuzaingo were runners with both being promoted.  

Argentina Primera C winners in the last few years:

  • Season 2021: Dock Sud
  • Season 2020: Cañuelas
  • Season 2018: Argentino (Quilmes)
  • Season 2017: Defensores Unidos  
  • Season 2016: Sacachispas

Teams with the most Primera C titles:

  • Colegiales – 12 titles
  • Villa Dálmine – 5 titles
  • Estudiantes (BA) – 4 titles. 

Claypole is currently top of the Clausura league after two games played. They have six points and have scored five goals. CA Ferrocarril Midland has been crowned champions of the Apertura league after an impressive season. They finished top of the table with 34 points. Midland scored 31 goals while conceding 16 goals with a difference of +15. They won nine games, drew seven and lost two games.

CA Excursionistas finished second with 32 points as they scored 25 goals and conceded 14 goals.

Where to find betting odds for the Argentina Primera C? 

To wager on the Argentina Primera C is quite straightforward as all you will have to do is find odds for the competition and wager on a betting site. You will have to register on any of the betting sites you want to use and compare the odds to another bookmaker before making your choice.

Bettors will find past games of the teams on the sites and see how they perform before selecting them. It’s important to make use of the stats. Head-to-head and other metrics in analysing teams before selecting them. Punters can also find teams and odds on some sites which offer predictions.

Top tips and predictions for the Argentina Primera C 

Here, you will read more about the statistics of teams in Argentina Primera C to assist you. Statistics are a major part of analysing teams and making use of stats gives a higher chance of winning your bets. Here you will see the teams ranking top in major stats in the Argentina Primera C.

Best Defending Teams 

There are a lot of good defensive teams in the Argentina Primera C as teams love to defend so deep. Teams don’t concede so much due to the shape and the physicality of the competition. The best defensive team during the concluded Apertura league are.

  • Deportivo Laferrere – 5 goals
  • Sportivo Italiano – 13 goals 
  • Real Pilar FC – 13 goals
  • Leandro Nicéforo Alem – 14 goals 

Worst Defending Teams 

Some teams concede so many goals due to their poor team structure and individuals. Those teams concede big chances and lots of shots. The worst defending teams are.

  • Puerto Nuevo – 31 goals
  • San Martín de Burzaco – 28 goals 
  • Victoriano Arenas – 28 goals
  • El Porvenir – 24 goals

Worst Attacking Teams 

Teams with poor attacking stats either create few chances or are poor at converting their chances. A low amount of goals signify a poor attacking team. Some of the poor attacking teams in Argentina Primera C are:

  • Deportivo Laferrere – 9 goals
  • Puerto Nuevo – 10 goals 
  • El Porvenir – 10 goals
  • San Martín de Burzaco – 14 goals 

How to bet on Argentina Primera C picks? 

To wager on Argentina Primera C, select the tips you want to wager on. You can get tips from prediction websites as they offer readers some tips. Visit a top betting site and open an account if you are a new user. 

Select the tournament which is the Argentina Primera C and make use of your tips. You either wager on a single game or make it an accumulator wager by combining different teams. Stake on the game and submit your bet. Then you have successfully bet on the Argentina Primera C picks.

What are the best betting markets for Argentina Primera C? 

In soccer, over/under has been one of the famous betting markets to wager on. Over/under is also a top betting market to make use of while wagering on the Argentina Primera C. Aside from that, there are a lot of betting markets to choose from. 

You can make use of HT/FT, correct scores and many others. All you have to do is analyse the games and select the corresponding betting market. Wager on any of the betting markets and enjoy.

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