Everything You Need To Know About The World Cup So Far

You don’t have to be a huge soccer fan to know that the World Cup is currently going on. In fact, the sport is all over the news everywhere. Maybe you are just getting into the sport or maybe you are trying to keep up with everything that is currently going on. Who’s contending for the cup, who’s in it, and where is the cup behind held? These could be questions that are all pulsating through your mind, while you are trying to learn the ins and out of the game. Whatever the situation is, there really is a lot to know about the World Cup this year and that is what you are going to learn below.


What Makes This World Cup Different?


Every time the World Cup rolls around soccer fans around the world hope more competitive soccer games. And, they might actually just get it this year. Not only are the games going to be longer, but the referees now have new video reviews that will allow them to better govern the game, offenses, and goals. Four reviewers are going to be placed in a video conferencing room with a video referee. So, if you see a referee making a rectangular movement during the game, it just simply means that he is calling for assistance from the video room.


New Teams


Another exciting thing that you have to consider about this World Cup is the addition of several new teams. While these teams are not new to the game, they have never been involved in the World Cup before. The teams hail from Panama and Iceland, which comes in with a combined population of 334,000. Whether you are watching from www.esports.net or you are watching from a local pub, this is certainly going to raise the anticipation of the game.


Who Is Hosting The Cup And Why?


This year Russia gets the privilege of hosting the World Cup. And, the country is certainly beautiful enough and comes equipped with enough stadiums to accommodate everyone. Unfortunately, the decision alone did not come without some controversy. While the FIFA’s executive committee awarded the hosting privilege in 2010 after a vote took place, the French, Americans, and Swiss are protesting the decision and saying that the vote was rigged. This probably has something to do with the doping scandal that took place during the 2014 Olympics with the Russian teams, which resulted in the being banned from the winter games.


Who Could Win?


Of course, the biggest question on everyone’s mind is who is favored to win the tournament. When it comes to any soccer tournament the Brazilians are always going to be favored and there is good reason. They already captured the title five times and have a success rate of one win out of every four tournaments that have been hosted. However, that doesn’t mean that they haven’t met some stiff competition along the way and there is certainly some interesting games matching up thus far. The Germans are also looking good, as they have already beaten the Brazilians out of one tournament in the past.


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