FIFA World Cup 2022: Seven Talented Players We Won’t See on Qatar Field

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The FIFA World Cup is the most anticipated sports event in 2022, and numerous football fans can’t wait for its beginning in November. This year, the championship will take place in Qatar, and 32 teams who have already passed the qualifying round are actively preparing for the hot competition. However, some fans will definitely be disappointed as it is already known that some top players will not participate in the championship. Let’s see whose performance we won’t witness this autumn and winter (and we’re very, very disappointed).

Erling Haaland, Norway

Haaland is one of the most expensive footballers of all time, but the Norwegian team doesn’t usually show a lot of success in this sport. The country regularly skips numerous world championships, and FIFA World Cup 2022 is no exception. However, the national team already has several prospective athletes who promise to show excellent performance. So, fans from Norway wait for positive changes with great impatience.


Jan Oblack, Slovenia

Atletico’s goalkeeper has impressed the world with his amazing skills, but it didn’t help his national team pass the qualifying round. Slovenia is not among the world football leaders; unfortunately, the tendency continues this year. The country’s team is still afloat due to Oblack’s outstanding performance, so we hope to see him in the next championships.

Mohamed Salah, Egypt

The Liverpool star has achieved incredible success in football and is one of the highest-paid athletes worldwide. However, fans will not see him in Qatar this year, as the national team showed a rather sad result. Fans of betting are also upset since the odds for the star are usually quite high. Don’t be discouraged and check Dr Bet review– you will definitely find some worthy odds for the best matches. And Salah will show us his talents in future championships!



Zlatan Ibrahimovich, Sweden

Zlatan hasn’t been participating in the FIFA World Cup since 2006, and the tendency won’t change this year. The 41-year-old footballer is considered quite old for playing, but it doesn’t look like he is going to retire. By the way, he showed quite a good performance during the qualifying round, making a lot of successful passes. However, we have what we have: despite all the efforts of Ibrahimovic, Sweden won’t participate in the championship.


Riyad Mahrez, Algeria

Even though Algeria is a current African champion and its performance during the qualifying round was worthy, it won’t participate in the FIFA World Cup this year. They lost to Cameroon literally at the last minute. Fans of Riyad Mahrez are really disappointed that their favourite athlete won’t take part in the championship for the second time in a row. However, we hope to see his exceptional skills and talents during the next matches of Manchester City.

Milan Skriniar, Slovakia

We won’t see the leader of the Slovakian national team and the star of the Italian Inter in Qatar this year. The player scored an own goal during the match with Russia, so luck wasn’t on the team’s side. So, Slovakia lost its chance to participate in the championship, so Skriniar is off the field. Overall, the country’s national team doesn’t experience its best times, so we are not even surprised with such an outcome.

David Alaba, Austria

The star of Real Madrid FC is a skillful player, and his only problem is the weakness of his national team. You won’t find another talented footballer in Austria. Therefore, the country had quite a few chances to reach the championship. For thirteen years of his career, Alaba has never participated in FIFA World Cup. Well, we hope that it will change in the future!

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