Fulham Team News – Parkers Woes Continue

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There will be mounting pressure on the job of Scott Parker at Craven Cottage after a poor run.

Since taking over the club two years ago, he has since guided them back to the Premier League with his new philosophy.

However, after a poor start to the season they have only managed just one point in just six games. With how competitive the league is Parker will need a win soon to start a run of form to propel them out of the bottom three.

Fulham faced criticism after being beaten at home 2-1 against Crystal Palace. Fulham dominated the ball but couldn’t score.

Pundits accused them of drastically overpassing the ball and stats show Fulham as being top of the league for most passes per least goals scored.

Parker said post match that he agreed stating that they needed to shoot more and be more confident.

With Fulham being a largely championship squad it will be a tough job for Parker to stop the rot at Craven Cottage before the vultures start circling.

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