Manchester City – Rebuild Required?

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Nobody can doubt that Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola is an excellent coach having won seven major trophies with the side. Two of these major honor’s being back to back Premier League titles.

However, despite Peps managerial qualities and an unlimited budget how have the club been losing out to Liverpool for the past two seasons?

Pep is still chasing that illusive Champions League that the owners brought him in to win.

The main reason may be that since City’s 18/19 Premier League title they have bought very poorly in the transfer market to replace big players in the side.

Many signings brought in to replace the likes of David Silva, Fernandinho and Kompany, all have flopped or not lived up to expectation.

With Pep growing increasingly frustrated at this defence some pundits have suggested that he has gotten to the end of his tether.

The Spaniards track record is not good when it comes to staying at clubs more than three plus years due to multiple reasons.


Pep To Leave ?

Currently he is entering his fourth year at Manchester which is his joint longest time at a club tied with Barcelona.

Many are asking the question if Pep will stay for another year in the hopes of getting rid of the dead wood at the club and rebuild a new team capable of winning again.

Others would say he has done all he can and may be ready for a new challenge such as PSG and join the likes of Neymar and Mbappe.

Only time will tell but Manchester City are currently sitting in 13th place after six games.

They have lost five points to the current leaders which is a rather worrying start for such a usually strong and clinical team.


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