Preparing for the World Cup Fantasy Football Pick 2018

Can you feel it? The Mundial is coming, fans all around the globe can’t wait for the grand tournament to kick off! It’s been four long years, and now we only have to contain ourselves for one more week! Last friendly matches take place, giving players their last chances to impress the bosses. World Cup will be an icing on this cake of a season, it always delivers! Footballers are preparing for the group stages in their national camps, managers deal with preliminary squad headaches. But what should the fans do before this football extravaganza? 

Assemble the Best Fantasy Team

You are given a virtual budget that you spend on fifteen players, who in their real time games will earn points for your virtual dream team. The game is completely free for entry and rewards the cream of the crop players with amazing prizes! The pool of participants is always big, the competition is fierce and you have to be knowledgeable, skillful and lucky. This a lot like casino, but you can’t lose money there. 

Speaking of those who can’t lose, New Zealand sadly got knocked out by Peru and won’t take part in the tournament. Remember how they were the only unbeaten team in 2010 WC, but despite that were eliminated from the group stages? Good times! Although we won’t see kiwis on the grandest stage of them all, best online casinos in New Zealand will provide us with a solid back up play when we get to the playoffs. 

You have to do something in these off days, so why not distract yourself from football and gamble a bit? You don’t want to be burnt out when the trophy will be on the line, you need to stay hungry for the games, keep your mind fresh and your eyes wide open! 

Basic Strategy and Sleeper Picks

Time to talk about the guys that would carry your team, we need four bench players and your usual starting eleven to get in the mix, become an official team that would run a riot. Harmony is key! Casual fantasy players go for the big names like Messi, Neymar and Griezmann, but although they are immense footballers, you need a well-balanced team and not a filler squad with one megastar. Besides that, the ownership of those players will be too high, so you won’t climb high in the rankings as much. 

Instead of grabbing every big name you come across, concentrate on guys who are cheap and have a potential to have a breakthrough showcase. A solid goalie can get you a handy clean sheet that will add around six points to your total. In comparison, strikers get around four points for every single goal. KeylorNavas is a good shout, as he plays against Serbia and Switzerland in his group. You can always sub him off for a game against Brazil for someone like Jordan Pickford who plays his second game against Panama. His place is secure after he got a nod from his coach and the number one jersey. 

Mobile wingbacks like Meunier, Rodriguez or Guerreiro will get you some solid returns due to their threat on the opposite side of the pitch. Stay away from cheap defensive midfielders that only collect yellow cards, no matter how good they are in real life, stack up on Belgium, Brazilian and French guys that have an easy first round and will feast on points. Good luck with your selection, have a nice World


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