Raul Jimenez Suffers Fractured Skull

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Raul Jimenez Suffers Fractured Skull: Jiminez clashes heads with David Luiz is and immediately rushed to the hospital. 

Football pundits and critics are all saying the same thing. The game of football needs to look out for the safety of its players after a horror collision last night. Last night saw Arsenal took on Wolves at the Emirates Stadium in what was a must-win for both sides.

Arsenal desperately needed a win to take them within three points of Chelsea in third place. However, a dominant Wolves display saw them emerge victorious as two one winners.

Goals from Neto and Prodence sealed Arsenal’s fate as they struggled for the ninety minutes. Defender Gabrial headed in from a corner after thirty minutes to give Arsenal some hope.

Wolves now move up to tied fifth in the table with Southampton on seventeen points. While Mikel Arteta sees his side lose three in their last five falling to fourteenth with Crystal Palace.


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 The Incident 

However, despite Wolves’ magnificent performance, this was not the main talking point of the evening. Early on in the first half when defending a Willian corner, Luiz and Jimenez clashed head’s in a sickening collision.

With the score at nil nil at the time, referee Micheal Oliver delayed the play for ten minutes. Both referee and players instantly signaled to medical staff who came running on. David Luiz seemed to be ok with medical staff deeming him fit to continue having passed injury protocols. Although, blood came running down the side of his head as medical staff bandaged him up.

However, striker Raul Jimenez remained motionless. Medical staff gave him oxygen and stretchered him off as pandemics rushed him to the hospital. Fabia Silva immediately replaced Jimenez while Luiz was subbed at half time for Rob Holding. Brazilian Luiz, went to the side-line to wish Jimenez the best.

The defender himself was bandaged for a three-inch wound, receiving seven stitches.



Headway Brain Association Step In 

However, Headway, the Premier Leagues medical consultants and brain injury association had their say.

They questioned why Luiz was given the option to continue and they felt he should have been subbed immediately. Head of Headway stated:

“Too often in football, we see players returning to the pitch having undergone a concussion assessment. Only to be withdrawn a few minutes later. When it is clear that they are not fit to continue.

That is the very reason why we urgently need temporary concussion substitutes in football. You simply cannot take a risk with head injuries. They are not like muscular injuries where you can put a player back on to see if they can it if off. One further blow to the head when concussed could have serious consequences.

“The question that has to be asked is had the concussion substitutes rule been in place. Would Luiz have been allowed to return to the field of play? Would that extra time in the treatment room have led to a different decision being made?

“The concussion protocol clearly states that ‘anyone with a suspected concussion must be immediately removed from play. While the sport continues to promote an ‘if in doubt, sit it out’ approach to head injuries.

“Time and time again we are seeing this rhetoric not being borne out by actions on the pitch. Something is not right. This cannot be allowed to continue. How many warnings does football need?”

Wolves Update 

After the game, the club revealed that the Mexican had suffered a fractured skull and was to be operated on.

Speaking to reporters after the game was Wolves captain Conor Coady.He was closest to Jimenez when the corner came in said:

“I jumped with him and you hear it, and as they dropped. Obviously he was on his side and I think it was important we kept him on his side.

“It’s something we never want to see, with one of our team-mates or with anybody.”



Wolves issued an official announcement today following the operation, stating on their website: “Raul is comfortable following an operation last night, which he underwent in a London hospital.

“He has since seen his partner Daniela and is now resting. He will remain under observation for a few days while he begins his recovery.

“The club would like to thank the medical staff at Arsenal, the NHS paramedics, hospital staff, and surgeons. Through their skill and early response, were of such help.

“The club asks that Raul and his family are now afforded a period of space and privacy. Further updates are provided in due course.”

Sometimes we all forget how dangerous football can be as a sport, especially with head injuries. The League will need to look more seriously into it as the world media now questions their protocols. Raul Jimenez is currently recovering in hospital with everyone hoping he makes a speedy recovery.

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