5 Best Roy Keane Punditry Moments

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5 best Roy Keane Punditry Moments, the addition to the Sky Sports panel has become a fan favorite with his no nonsense approach. 

Roy Keane is arguably Irelands best ever player, a midfielder who was box to box and could do it all. He has won 7 Premier League titles,4 FA Cups and a Champions League to name a few.

The Irishman’s glory years were from 1993-2005 playing with Manchester United as captain. He made over 336 appearances for the Red Devils and scored 33 goals. Originally from Cork, playing with Cobh Ramblers, Keane caught the eye of Nottingham Forrest.

The midfielder played 114 games for Forrest over a three year spell attracting the attention of Alex Ferguson. The rest from there is history as Keane has cemented himself as one of the Premier League’s greatest.

Since his retirement in 2006 Roy has branched into the management side of football. He then coached Sunderland, Ipswich Town, was assistant manager at Ireland and Nottingham Forrest.

Since then Keane has dabbled into punditry and has appeared frequently on ITV and Sky Sports. In 2018 it was announced that Roy would join Sky Sports line up of regular pundits.

Keane is known for his fiery comments, blunt remarks and refreshing honesty that viewers find utterly hilarious at times.

Without further a due let’s take a look at Roy Keane’s top 5 punditry moments.


1 “Dreadful, Dumb And Dumber I’d Call Them”

Coming in at number one for Roy Keane’s top punditry moment is on his criticism of Tottenham’s full backs. Over a year ago making one of debut appearances Keane joined Carragher, Souness and Neville in the studio. Liverpool had just emerged victorious over Spurs in an important game in the Premier League. The first question thrown Keane’s way was about how Liverpool’s full backs compared to Tottenham’s. Keane then replied with his trademark scowl:

“Chalk and cheese, the two Tottenham fullbacks. Dreadful, dumb and dumber I’d call them”.

See Keane’s full comments below at 0:11 seconds into the video.



2 “As A Manager Or Player You’d Kill Him”

Coming in at number two is Keane’s critical assessment of Jordan Pickford and David DeGea after shocking mistakes. Joining Roy in studio was Graeme Souness to cover the Manchester United versus Everton game last season. Both Pickford and DeGea made some astoundingly bad errors that cost their sides a goal at half time. At the break Roy was then asked whilst shown the replays what he thought. When talking about DeGea’s blocked goal kick he said:

“As a manager or a player, oh you kill him, you’d kill him”

See Keane’s full view below at 0:06 seconds into the video.



3 “I Wouldn’t Let Them Back On The Bus ”

Ranking at number three on our list is Keane’s fit of rage at United pairing of DeGea and Maguire. Roy was in studio with Patrice Evra to cover the Manchester United versus Tottenham game. It was fair to say Roy was far from pleased with United’s performance finding themselves one nil down at half time. He was particularly outraged at goalkeeper David DeGea and defender Harry Maguire whom were at fault for the goal. When Roy was asked to comment on United’s halftime performance he said:

“But Man Utd………Maguire………and DeGea? I wouldn’t be letting them back on the bus after the match”

See Keane’s full view below at 0:20 seconds into the video.



4 “I Know You Were I Wasn’t Listening To You Properly”

 Sitting at number four for best Roy Keane punditry moments has to be his Manchester United debate with Carragher. Roy and Jamie Carragher were in the studio on Monday night football discussing the problems at Manchester United. After some back and fourth points from both pundits, Keane makes a point about Manchester United. Carragher then replies to this with a laugh saying:

“I was trying to tell you that a few weeks ago”

Roy replies with a cheeky grin:

“Yeah I know you were I wasn’t listening to you properly”

See Keane’s and Carragher’s full conversation below at 2:58 minutes.



5 “Did You Burst Onto The Scene?”

Ranking at number five on Roy’s best punditry was his hilarious jab at Micah Richards before a United game. In the studio was Micah Richards, Jamie Redknapp, Roy Keane and Gary Neville. The topic of conversation was of how young Scottish midfielder Billy Gilmour had become a young star for Chelsea. The presenter asked Micah about his start to playing football at just eighteen years of age in the Premier league. Micah then began his story with:

“I burst onto the scene, didn’t I?”

Straightaway Roy began to smirk, and once Micah had finished speaking he said;

“Did you burst onto the scene? very few defenders, burst onto the scene”

The studio all laughed with Micah instantly on the defensive.

See Keane’s comment below at 2:28 minutes into the video.



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