2019 UEFA European Under-17 Championships kick off today

The 2019 UEFA European Under-17 Championships begin in Ireland today and run until May 19th with games scheduled to take place in Dublin, Waterford, Longford and Wicklow.

Colin O’Brien’s Republic of Ireland team will kick off the 16-team tournament at Tallaght Stadium tonight when they take on Greece at 7pm.

Ireland’s second game takes them to Waterford where the RSC will host their clash with the Czech Republic on Monday next, May 6, before they return to Tallaght Stadium for a game against Belgium on Thursday, May 9.

Other nations will play games in the Carlisle Grounds, City Calling Stadium, Home Farm FC, Tolka Park and UCD Bowl, with all hoping to make the final at Tallaght Stadium on Sunday, May 19.


Group Stage
Friday, May 3

Group A
Czech Republic v Belgium: 12:00, Tolka Park (Dublin)
Republic of Ireland v Greece: 19:00, Tallaght Stadium (Dublin)

Group B
Netherlands v Sweden: 17:00, Regional Sports Centre (Waterford)
France v England: 19:00, City Calling Stadium (Longford)

Saturday, May 4

Group C
Iceland v Russia: 14:00, Home Farm FC (Dublin)
Portugal v Hungary: 19:00, UCD Bowl (Dublin)

Group D
Spain v Austria: 16:00, Carlisle Grounds (Wicklow)
Italy v Germany: 18:30, Tallaght Stadium (Dublin)

Monday, May 6

Group A
Belgium v Greece: 17:00, City Calling Stadium (Longford)
Republic of Ireland v Czech Republic: 19:00, Regional Sports Centre (Waterford)

Group B
Netherlands v England: 15:00, Tolka Park (Dublin)
France v Sweden: 17:00, Tallaght Stadium (Dublin)

Tuesday, May 7

Group C
Iceland v Hungary: 12:00, Home Farm FC (Dublin)
Portugal v Russia: 15:00, UCD Bowl (Dublin)

Group D
Italy v Austria: 19:00, City Calling Stadium (Longford)
Spain v Germany: 19:00, Regional Sports Centre (Waterford)

Thursday, May 9

Group A
Belgium v Republic of Ireland: 19:00, Tallaght Stadium (Dublin)
Greece v Czech Republic: 19:00, Carlisle Grounds (Wicklow)

Group B
France v Netherlands: 16:30, UCD Bowl (Dublin)
Sweden v England: 16:30, Home Farm FC (Dublin)

Friday, May 10

Group C
Portugal v Iceland: 17:00, City Calling Stadium (Longford)
Russia v Hungary: 17:00, Regional Sports Centre (Waterford)

Group D
Italy v Spain: 19:00, UCD Bowl (Dublin)
Austria v Germany: 19:00, Carlisle Grounds (Wicklow)

Knockout Phase

Sunday, May 12
Quarter-final 1 or 2: 15:00, Tallaght Stadium (Dublin)
Quarter-final 1 or 2: 19:00, Carlisle Grounds (Wicklow)

Monday, May 13
Quarter-final 3 or 4: 16:30, Tolka Park (Dublin)
Quarter-final 3 or 4: 19:00, UCD Bowl (Dublin)

Thursday, May 16
FIFA U-17 World Cup play-off: 12:00, Tolka Park (Dublin)

Semi-final: 16:30, UCD Bowl (Dublin)
Semi-final: 19:00, Tallaght Stadium (Dublin)

Sunday, May 19
Final: 16:30, Tallaght Stadium (Dublin)

Knockout System

Quarter-final 1: Winner Group A v Runner-up Group B
Quarter-final 2: Winner Group B v Runner-up Group A
Quarter-final 3: Winner Group C v Runner-up Group D
Quarter-final 4: Winner Group D v Runner-up Group C

Semi-final 1: Winner quarter-final 1 v Winner quarter-final 3
Semi-final 2: Winner quarter-final 2 v Winner quarter-final 4

FIFA U-17 World Cup play-off: The two losing quarter-finalists with the best records will take part in this game. The criteria are a) group position, b) group points, c) group goal difference, d) group goals scored, e) quarter-final result, f) overall disciplinary ranking, g) coefficient (as per qualifying round draw), h) drawing of lots.

Final: Winner semi-final 1 v Winner semi-final 2.


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