5 of the Best Horse Betting Tactics


Betting on horse racing requires time, energy and forethought. Horse betting, some would say, is somewhat of a fine art. And just because you might be shaky on the ins, outs, and details now; it doesn’t mean that you can’t become a pro with time and practice.

With a little insight into the world of horse betting, you can learn some of the horse betting tactics of the big winners. The evolution of the internet has allowed for some amazing opportunities for punters to bet on the horses. Are you ready to learn how to bet on horses with success? Let’s jump right in.

Best Tactics for Betting on Horses

You can get a huge amount of enjoyment and rewards out of horse betting. Here’s how:


  • Suss Out the Latest Winners.


By checking out the most recent race results, you can create a short list of horses that consistently win. If one particular horse stands out as odds on for winning frequently, there is a high chance that it will win again. To safeguard themselves, most bookmakers will place lower odds on consistent winners, which means that you stand to win less money, even if the chosen horse wins – be aware of that.


  • The Laying Horse Strategy.


If you are worried that betting on a winning horse with low odds means that you won’t make much return, the Laying Horse strategy is for you. With this strategy, you do things a little differently. Instead of betting on a horse, you bet against it. That means that you don’t place a bet on the favourite horse winning, but rather bet that another horse will win. And it’s fairly simple to do. Seek out a horse race that has more than 10 horses contending. Find out who the 3 favourite or most likely to win are. Take a look at the odds attached to these 3 horses. Check which ones have odds that are between 2/1 and 4.8/1. The one with the lowest odds is the one you should bet against. Statistics indicate that people who bet using this strategy win around 80% of the time. 


  • Betting on a Winner which Previously Lost.


This one is a bit sneaky, but all is fair when placing your bets, so it’s just fine. Spend a bit of time researching the horses that are in the race you want to bet on. Looking for a horse that has lost its most recent race but has been a winner a number of times previously will allow you to take advantage of the odds. Why? Because betting on a winning horse that has just recently lost will probably earn you more. The chances of that horse still being a great contender are high and the fact that the horse previously lost means that the bookmakers may be overlooking that particular horse on race day. This means that the odds are stacked more in your favour. Of course, there is no guarantee that the horse will win again, but there is a high possibility that it will bounce back to good form. 


  • Look for a Horse-Jockey Relationship.


The relationship between a horse and jockey is actually quite important to note if you want to place a smart bet. If a jockey is riding a horse for the very first time, chances are he won’t know much about the nuances of that particular horse and how it races best. If you find a horse that has the same jockey as a previous race and has a win too (with that same jockey), you can place a safer bet. This means that the jockey knows how to race that particular horse to win and won’t encounter any surprises on the track.



  • Give Low-Level Race Bets a Miss.


By this stage, you are probably aware that betting on horses requires far more effort and attention to detail than many other forms of sports betting and gambling. That may be true, but betting on the horses is an exhilarating experience too. When you first start out placing bets, you might be tempted to place bets on low-level races. It’s not a good idea to do this. As a beginner, you aren’t entirely familiar with the horses and as it turns out, lower-class horses often featured in the low-level races are also just finding their feet and often tend to be inconsistent as a result. Gambling is fun but placing bets on low-level races when you don’t have too much experience is just a gamble that’s not worth taking. This could end up costing you more than it earns you. 

Smart Bets Mean More Wins

When it comes to horse betting tactics, the above 5 strategies are often used by the big winners (for a reason; they work). Make sure that every bet you place is a smart one. Think it through. Base your bets on facts and research, and your chances of winning will greatly improve. If you follow our advice, then you should begin winning money quickly. However, if you find yourself needing to increase your horse betting bankroll you can always head to an online casino in the UK and play some horse racing themed slot games. This way you can continue combining your passion for horse racing with increasingly your bank balance. 

But don’t forget, when the fun stops, stop. If you ever find yourself chasing your losses or becoming frustrated when your horse loses then you should at the very least take a break. Betting on the horses should be fun, never forget that.


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