6 Tips when betting on football in the UK

Over the past couple of years, football betting has become extremely popular. Most of the credit goes to online bookmakers who have revolutionised the football betting industry.

Hundreds of football games take place on a weekly basis all around the world, giving thousands of people wanting to place bets the opportunity to test their luck. Thus, bookmakers have come up with football odds that encompass a variety of leagues.

If you plan to bet on a football match, you need to consider some important points. Similar to an investor who carries out preliminary research before making an investment, you should also research and get help from others before placing a major bet.

If you are hasty and do not do the required research on a football match, then you are nothing more than a ‘mug punter.’ While such people are adored by bookies, in reality they are just more likely to lose.

Once you have carefully assessed and reviewed upcoming matches, you will have an idea of who your choices should be. However, the key to winning is that you do not just bet money on what you think is right – you do your homework first.

Here are a few tips that will help you when football betting.

  1. Use a Bet Calculator

Betting has become a lot easier thanks to technical advancements, one advancement being the introduction of online bet calculators. Such calculators can play a crucial role in helping you determine the exact odds and how much you could win. When you are all set to place a bet on a football match, check the odds and work out your potential winnings by using a bet calculator from a trusted website such as BetVictor. All you have to do is enter the stakes, select a bet type, the odds and place the terms to proceed. You can then simply click on the calculate button to work out your winnings!

  1. Stay up to Date with Team News

Most people interested in betting avoid this obvious tip – however, to increase your chances of selecting a winning team, it is important to stay updated with the current team updates. Many punters rely on a few star players whereas others want to know injury updates to be able to bet on the stronger side. You can easily find injury updates on different sports websites as well as the rumoured starting team. The absence of key players could negatively affect a team’s performance.

If you are unsure, wait for the teams to be announced before you place any bets. This will help you to make an informed decision.

  1. Be Prepared To Learn

Football and football betting are two different things. Only amateur punters can make the mistake that their advanced football knowledge is sufficient to make informed bets on match day. However, this is not the case. The knowledge of football that you possess is not tied to football betting and its trends.

Yes, it is important to have basic knowledge and understanding of the game, but combining your knowledge of football and betting can help you to become a seasoned football better. Imagine you support the Spurs and your team is facing Barcelona – you would naturally want the Spurs to win. However, you shouldn’t place a bet on a team just because they’re your favourite. The odds will be in favour of Barcelona and a normal punter would place their money on them. The other team could certainly upset the odds, but hoping that your team will win is not the right approach to placing a bet.

It is important that you start betting on the English leagues which you follow, don’t delve into markets that you aren’t familiar with. Initially, place small bets on the teams and selections.

  1. Recent Form and Representation of the Team

Another obvious tip is to keep the recent form of the team in mind when deciding on which team or player to place your bet on. Many novice betters pick their respective teams on the basis of their reputation and history. For instance, Manchester United have been through a rebuilding process since Sir Alex Ferguson left. However, the football betting industry marked them as favourites due to their name and reputation.

If you want to be strategic, the best way to up your chances is to check the results of the last five games played by the club in a particular competition. Furthermore, the home-away factor also plays an important role in deciding which team has the upper hand. This is where your football knowledge will go hand in hand with football betting tips and tricks.

  1. Maintain a Record of Your Bets

It is important to maintain a record of your betting history if you want to embrace football betting as your primary or secondary source of income. The records should include the following:

  • What date did you place the bet?

  • League and team selection

  • The type of bet you placed

  • Details of the bet

  • Bookmaker selection

  • Your stake and odds

  • Your winnings/losses

The reason why it is necessary to keep a detailed record is that you can always go back and review your progress. When you are on a losing streak, you might start thinking that you will never be able to win. This is the time when you should check your records to review your past winnings. The key to success is to maintain a regularly updated list. Your records will tell you which bets, teams and leagues you should focus on. Do not be hasty and keep betting big on teams that have not won you any money.

  1. Bet Against the Odds

There are certain teams which will always be labelled as the favourites. For instance, Manchester United, Chelsea or Arsenal have a strong public following and tend to have the upper hand against their opponents – unless they are facing each other.

This is the primary reason why they do not offer greater returns when facing smaller teams. You will find high-value bets only if you bet against these teams. Bookmakers usually list the underdogs at a realistically higher price to make betting more interesting. Furthermore, there is an equal chance of you winning even after placing a bet against big clubs.


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