A Club-by-Club Guide to How the Top-Flight’s Bottom Three will be Decided

The top contenders were long back decided because some teams are just geared up enough to win. Anyhow, the relegation is still hanging behind, and there is going to be a huge scramble to the finish line as this is the week of the international break. It is an almost universal knowledge that each time around if you manage 40 points towards the middle of the tournament, you are safe. This time, fortunately, 37 are enough. So, Everton with 40 is at the top of the game, well as on top they could be, and Bournemouth and Watford are holding on at 36. Brighton is staying behind on the third base with 34, almost done for.


Because of a solid reputation and for possessing the only league champion winner in the bottom half, let’s keep Newcastle in the safe bracket too. It is hanging on with a mere 32 but their goal difference is minimum amongst the relegation battle, and they still have some momentum left.


West Brom has already given up and is losing the psychological battle if not the mathematical one. They are tumbling from the ladder as a loose stone tumbles from the mountain before a landslide. The final look stands as six solid contenders for four last spots with Swansea at 14th and Stokes coming in at 19th.


All this talk about maintaining the spot in the last stages of the league is not just a matter of pride; it is a battle to stay alive to fight for one more time in the championship. The championship has been the safety latch that keeps players’ hopes high even after losing the league matches as the prestige is almost similar and winning is a lot easier.


If we have proud fighters, we also have clubs that just can’t stop them descend and may even end up being thrown back to League One. Sutherland and Hull City have lost all hope of bouncing back since their frequent losses. This means that six clubs are facing the same threat and currently holding the last straw.


One of the best bingo sites, says the following about the last six candidates for the Premier League relegation:


• Swansea, 31 points: Best amongst the worst right now, Swansea is still going strong and has a formidable spot in this decisive battle. Although luck might not be on their side as their future fixtures are with Manchester United, Manchester City, and Chelsea. They need to get a win before they are faced with the giants.
• Huddersfield Town, 31 points: This was their debut run in the league, and they did start off well. It’s just the lack of experience as could be seen in their last defeat to Crystal Palace.
• Crystal Palace, 30 points: They started off with a seven-consecutive loss streak, and frankly, things were looking dim for them. Zero points and zero goals, things just could not have been worse.
• West Ham United, 30 points: 5 wins and then a considerable loss took this club down completely. They tried to build it back up, but the pressure on the owners is eating it up.
• Southampton, 28 points: The unpredictability and sacking of Pellegrino might save this team from sacking themselves. Their application is right according to the coach, but criticism as a group is not being taken lightly.
• Stokes, 27 points: The fixtures of this team may save them as they are just three points away from saving them. Paul Lambert is bringing perception to the team, all that is required now is a little football.


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