All you Need to Know About Euro 2020

Republic of Ireland manager Mick McCarthy. Credit: Shane Tighe.

Euro 2020 will bring a spectacle for every football fan. We’ll have the best national teams fighting for the No.1 spot in Europe. Many young players are set to shine in this tournament, while some of the more experienced ones are looking forward to showing their knowledge and superiority.

Since we are all anxious to see some of the best teams not just in Europe, but in the world, compete, we wanted to give you some interesting facts about the Euro 2020.


This tournament will bring the best out of all teams. Competitions have never been higher and the number of outstanding players has never been bigger. Online bookies are stepping up with their list of most likely teams to win the tournament. Here are the Euro 2020 predictions brought to you by the online bookies.

The No.1 favourite to win the Euro 2020 is France. The odds for the French national team are 7/2. England is right behind them. They are keen on winning an international trophy because their current team is described as the best one in history. England’s odds are 9/2. Belgium is 3rd with odds coming at 7/1.  

Spain and Germany are sharing the 4th spot on the list. Both of the teams’ odds are 8/1. Lastly, the Netherlands is on the fifth spot with odds sitting at 9/1. It will definitely be interesting to see how the Dutch national will progress since they got the world’s best player, Virgil van Dijk, in their squad.


There are a total of 55 teams qualifying for the Euro 2020. One interesting fact about the qualifying process is that there will be no automatic qualification for any team for the first time since 1976. This is also Kosovo’s first time to participate in the process. The qualification started in March 2019 instead of 2018 because of the World Cup and it will finish in November.

There are 5 groups with 5 teams and another 5 with 6 teams. The top 2 contenders from every group are the ones that will participate in the Euro 2020.


The 2020 Euro has been criticized for the host country politics. Instead of picking one or 2 host countries, the tournament will take place all over Europe. The teams will play in 12 cities across the continent. UEFA recently released ticket prices and policy. London, Baku, Munich, Rome, Saint Petersburg, Bucharest, Amsterdam, Dublin, Bilbao, Glasgow, Budapest, and Copenhagen are the host cities. The critics were aimed towards the excessive traveling that the teams will have to put up with. 

Most Decorated Teams

Spain and Germany are sharing the number one spot with 3 UEFA European Championship trophies. Spain has won it in 1964, 2008, and 2012. Germany, on the other hand, were victorious 1972, 1980, and 1996. It is fair to mention that two of these trophies were won under the name West Germany.

France has won the European championship twice and they are in the second place. The team has lifted the trophy in 1984 and 2000. Judging by their current team and the predictions from the bookies, they are on their way to win their 3rd trophy next year and level out with Germany and Spain. Italy, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, the Netherlands, and Russia have won the European once.

The most recent winner of the European Championship was Portugal. They won their first trophy in 2016 after a brave race to the top. Even though nobody favoured them, the team led by Fernando Santos beat France in the final.


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