As the world counts down to FIFA 20, here are some other football games worth considering

It’s one of the biggest moments in the gaming calendar, and it’s just weeks away. Yes, FIFA 20 will soon be unleashed on the world, and if last year is anything to go by, we can look forward to another weekend of madness with football fanatics lining the streets and beating down the doors of their supermarkets and gaming stores on 24 September. 


There’s no denying that FIFA is the game by which all others are judged in terms of realism, physics, graphics and all the rest. It has even managed to become a major feature of the eSports scene, an aspect of gaming that is usually reserved for first person shooters and battle arenas. But still, you have to ask – is it really worth the €100 price tag?


Here, we take a look at some very different options that will not burn such a hole in your pocket. 


Football Star


How’s this for an alternative – instead of a football themed game that costs you money, one that might award you some. That’s the thinking behind Football Star, a product of Microgaming that offers an impressive 243 ways to win. Of course, to make that happen you still have to put down a stake, but choose your site carefully and there might even be a way around that. Try consulting for Ireland to find out which sites will let you try your luck absolutely free. The game features numerous wilds that make it far easier to get a winning combination, as well as a special bonus that offers you yet more free spins. 


Goalkeeper Premier


Most games involve trying to hammer the ball past the hapless goalie, especially those relatively simple flash-based games you can play online. This one, however, turns the principle on its head and places the gamer between the goalposts. The scoring system is ingenious yet simple – three successful saves equates to a goal for your team. 


SpeedPlay World Soccer 3 


Looking for something with a little more depth? This offering is free to play online and gives you the opportunity to take a team and guide it from start to finish through a World Cup campaign. It’s based on the 2014 World Cup, so there are some great names and teams in there to choose from. The passing takes a little getting used to, but persevere and you’ll be guiding Honduras to a historic win over Brazil in no time! 


Ultimate Football Management 

The name might look familiar, and you can say the same for the gameplay. Yes, this is essentially an unofficial version of the second most popular football game since the dawn of home computers. There’s really very little difference between this and Football Manager, and you’ll find yourself just as engrossed for hours on end whichever version you choose to play. Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A and La Liga are all included, so select the team of your choice and go ahead and win the league!


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