Best Bookmakers for Betting on Ireland’s National Teams

Irish people are very proud of their national teams in all sports and they tend to place a lot of wagers on them. These are the best bookies for that.

Sports betting is a lot of fun and it has been part of Irish culture for a while now. Nothing makes a match of football or rugby more interesting than a bet. Sporting events can be very thrilling in themselves, but placing a wager on them takes the thrill to a whole new level. During the summer, often there aren’t a lot of sporting events, a lot of sporting events, but many punters have an alternative to betting on sports, as casino gaming provides a similar feeling and large amounts of money can also be won. Even though there aren’t many club competitions during the summer, there are a lot of competitions that involve national teams, like World and European Cups in various sports. Irishmen and women take great pride in their national team and many believe in them strongly and are quite keen on backing their national teams with a small wager. We have a look at the best bookmakers for betting on Irish national teams.

Paddy Power
Paddy Power is one obvious choice for Irish punters. As an Irish bookmaker with a recognisable green logo and a rather indicative name, Paddy Power has been the first choice in Ireland for many years. Paddy Power are registered in Ireland, so that is definitely one advantage. At their website you can make wagers on all competitions in which an Irish national teams take part.
For example, you can place an outright wager on the Six Nations right now, even though it will take place in 2017. The odds for Ireland are 6.00, which is not bad at all. The odds for Ireland winning the 2019 World Cup are 19.00. Ireland are in the same Qualification group with Wales for the World Cup in 2018 and the odds for Ireland to win their group are 5.50. It is also possible to bet on things like who is going to be the next manager of Ireland’s national football squad. Paddy Power offers a lot of bonuses and promotions and they also apply on many matches and competitions in which Irish national teams feature.

Coral is another popular choice for Irish punters. This operator also offers a wide range of betting options and it is possible to place wagers on all sports that are popular in Ireland, such as football, rugby and Gaelic football. At Coral you can place a far off bet that Ireland will win the World Cup in 2018 in Russia. Betting only 2 euros on Ireland will win you €1,000. If you believe in the Irish football team, now it’s the chance to prove it. But, it is also possible to place different wagers. You can bet that Ireland will qualify at solid odds of 4.00. A bet that Ireland will win its respective group is offered at odds of 6.00, just like at Paddy Power.
When it comes to rugby and rugby outright bets, Coral, at this moment, offers the same odds as Paddy Power. If you think that Ireland will win the Six Nations, you will get odds at 6.00, whereas if you believe that the Irish might win with a Grand Slam, you can get odds at 11.00. As you can see, Coral offers a lot of different bets, especially when it comes to outright betting.

William Hill
William Hill is one of the largest bookmakers in the UK and in the whole world, but it is also quite popular in Ireland. William Hill puts a bit more trust in the Irish team to win the Six Nations, as it offers odds at 5.50. However, that means that you’ll earn 50 eurocents less per euro. The odds for Ireland winning the next World Cup are set at 17.00. The odds for Ireland winning the World Cup in football in 2018 are set at 301.00 and the odds for Ireland to win its respective group are 5.50.
William Hill is particularly popular for the promotions and bonuses it offers. Punters who bet on UK and Irish greyhound and horse races are guaranteed to get the odds that are most in their favour, regardless how many times the odds change. At William Hill punters are also able to bet on Gaelic football and hurling.


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