Celtic and Rangers Set To Join Super League?

Scotland manager Gordon Strachan has said he believes Celtic and Rangers will form part of a European Super League within the next decade.

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The former Bhoys manager feels that the top two clubs are so far ahead of the opposition, that the day is fast approaching when they break away from Scottish domestic football and compete on a level playing field. However, he does not envisage the Old Firm moving south to join the Premiership.

He told the Soccerex conference in Manchester: “I don’t think they will move to the English Premier League. I think there will be two European leagues in 10 years’ time or so and then Celtic and Rangers will be in it. That’s the way I think it will go.

“It’s not the SFA’s opinion, it’s my opinion – I think 38 (European) clubs will break away and make two divisions and the owners will do everything they can to get the sponsorship and TV money there.

“That’s the way I think Celtic and Rangers will eventually go, and we have to make sure Scottish football is in a healthy position before we get to that point.”

Strachan went on to say that while his ambition is to produce Scottish football heroes again, he fears that the quality is not there yet:

“I took this job because I want to do something to put something back. It’s not a platform to do something else. I’ve been lucky and it’s time to put something back, I’m trying to give heroes back to the Scottish people as there were when I was growing up. We don’t have too many now.

“I want to bring through two or three young men who can be heroes in the future. We are getting better and even if it puts in a platform for someone to take over in years to come that would be great.”


  1. This has been brought up every few months. Its not going to happen and anyway, the new rangers are highly unlikely to be in any fit state to do anything, given they are near admin again. Plus, the new clubs fans, aren’t exactly the type of fans one with a brain would invite anywhere.

    Plus, wee Gordy is a football man, not a football administrator!!


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