Copa America 2019 – Who will be the top goalscorer

We have a preview of the top goalscorers for the 2019 Copa America football tournament which starts on Friday.

The opening fixture is the host country Brazil taking on Bolivia on Friday/Saturday night at 1:30am

Lionel Messi is a very short price favourite at 3/1 to win the golden boot, he is no value at the price, He beat the scored seven times in the qualification for the last World Cup, however, he only scored once when appearing in Russia, and Argentina did make it to the knockout stage. Argentina hasn’t won an international event since the 1993 Copa America. Messi is the star of the team. As such, he’s taken the heat for the more recent failures. (Argentina) 4/1

Gabriel Jesus could be a bit of value at 7s with Neymar not playing in the tournament, they score plenty of goals so he is our pick for the top prize, he scored twice at the weekend when Brazil beat Honduras 7-0 (Brazil) 7/1

Sergio Agüero is an anomaly of a player and we would be shocked beyond belief if he won the golden boot for the Copa America (Argentina) 8/1

Edinson Cavani and Luis Suárez are both 8s to score the most goals, but if you think one of them might win it you might be better backing Uruguay to actually win the tournament at 7/1 because they will need to score a huge amount to give Uruguay a chance of winning. 

Of the other likely winners, we think Éverton could be a surprise and at 18/1 he represents a little value. He has only played for Brazil five times and is yet to score, but he could get a lot of minutes and he has scored 23 goals in Italy and looks like a player who is improving every match that he plays. 

Top Goalscorer for the Copa America 2019

Messi, Lionel (Argentina) 3/1

Gabriel Jesus (Brazil) 7/1

Agüero, Sergio (Argentina) 8/1

Cavani, Edinson (Uruguay) 8/1

Firmino, Roberto (Brazil) 10/1

Richarlison (Brazil) 10/1

Coutinho, Philippe (Brazil) 18/1

Falcao, Radamel (Colombia) 18/1

Éverton (Brazil) 18/1

Outright betting for the Copa America

Brazil  11/8  
Argentina 11/4
Uruguay 7/1
Colombia 10/1
Chile 11/1
Peru 25/1
Ecuador 33/1


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