Delaney says working three jobs led to new FAI role

John Delaney has said his new role with the FAI came about after he increased his workload in the organisation where he was attempting to carry out three jobs.

Delaney who stepped down from his role as Chief Executive of the FAI after the Ireland v Gibraltar game then moved into a newly created role called the executive vice president. He said that the role will be good for Irish football over the coming years. Speaking to Tipp FM Sport he said that his commitment to grassroot football as well as managing the FAI with staff of over 200 people became to much. Speaking to Tipp FM Sport which also RTE Sport report on he said” I’ve been trying to attend grassroots football functions and games every weekend and I have given my life to it, I love it, I get great energy out of it”. The Waterford native continued, “I love helping the clubs, I love meeting the volunteers, I love grassroots people. And then during the week, there is an organisation with a turnover of €50 million and 200 staff, so it is a huge organisation now”.

Delaney has said his new role will entail trying to bring new tournaments to the country such as a joint World Cup bid with England, Scotland and Wales. Delaney said “There’s an Under-21 bid for the Under-21Euros with Northern Ireland in 2023, and it is amazing that that round ball, the football can unite two organisations in that regard,” There are centralised television deals to be done and we are starting that process of negotiating that with UEFA, which is a lot of money for the FAI, which means that it is a lot of money for grassroots football and other projects, and I could go on…

It remains to be seen if these tournaments will come to Ireland. For now Delaney will appear before the Oireachtas next week to discuss the 100.000 loan he gave the FAI which he said was for cash flow issues.


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