Di Canio Launches Stinging Attack On Players

Sunderland boss Paolo Di Canio launched a stinging attack on his players following the 1-0 away defeat to Tottenham, accusing them of “ignorance” and “arrogance”.

He went on to add that if he had his way, many of them would never play for the club again.

“This was the behaviour at a club in the Premier League. That spends millions and millions. It’s not acceptable,” he said.

“I thought that at Swindon, League Two, arrogant, ignorant footballers in some way so they don’t know exactly because they’ve not had many chances to stay at the top level.

“I have to tell you unfortunately I found a worse environment in terms of discipline in this club.”

He hit out at defender Phil Bardsley, who was photographed lying on a casino floor in a pile of £50 notes, after Wigan Athletic lost to Arsenal last Tuesday meaning Sunderland were safe from the drop.

Di Canio said: “I discover… I saw the picture on a website, the moment later, of the night that they spent out so what do I have to tell you? He’s out of my squad. It’s obvious.

“How I can play a player that probably is blurry for three, four days after what’s happened.

“More important I want to deliver very clear message I wanted to deliver since the beginning that there is not excuse to behave like he did, because Wigan lost the game, now we stay up, otherwise every time we are going to beat Man United what are we going to do?

“Or after every Newcastle game? What are we going to do, spend two nights out because we are happy? I can understand if we win a Champions League or maybe an FA Cup.”

“This is what I’ve found in the last few weeks so we have to change completely. It will be hard if I don’t receive the maximum support from the board because I know every time you know that the player will go to the PFA (Professional Footballers Association), the PFA will call then you have to let them speak and try to explain why.

“They excuse people that behave like Phil Bardsley. It was a clear misconduct.”


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