FAI and Swedish FA disagree on roof being open

Ahead of Friday’s game against Sweden, the FAI are at war with the Swedish FA over whether to close the roof or leave it open.

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Giovanni Trapattoni is insisting that the roof stays open, so that the home team cannot capitalise on a more boisterous support at the Friends Arena.


The Swedish FA are arguing however that with weather conditions expected to be particularly bad on Friday night, with temperatures expected to drop below -8, a closed roof would benefit the fans and players on a very cold night.


“When it is closed, it has an echo, which is no good,” Trap said ahead of the tie. “It is too loud. I was in Germany with this situation before, and it was bad for us because of the crowd.”


The final decision lies with neither Sweden or Ireland, as a FIFA delegate will ultimately make the call on whether the roof will be open, or closed.


Trapattoni also dismissed that having the roof open would expose supporters to freezing conditions on what will be a difficult night regardless of the weather.


“It would not be cold. The pitch is what’s important. It’s for the spectators that it will be cold,” he added.


It is a shame that the Ireland boss continues to show the Irish crowd any support. Saying it is the pitch that matters is true yes, but lets not forget the fans that stick with the team through thick and thin. It is unfair of the Italian to dismiss the fans well being in the freezing conditions.


Having the roof closed would help the travelling Irish fans somewhat, and let’s not forget who were the best fans at the Euro 2012 tournament last summer, despite playing terribly. The roof being closed would only benefit the Irish fans from singing even louder than they do already. It is another sign that the Republic boss is out of touch with the fans.



  1. Why,oh why, did the F.A.I and I.R.F.U not put a roof on the Aviva considering what a huge sum the rebuilding of Lansdowne Road cost?
    Clearly they – like Trap – did not give much consideration to the comfort of the fans nor indeed the players. One has only to see what an excellent match took place in dreadful (external) conditions at the Millennium Stadium at the weekend to realise how important that roof is
    on such occasions. Having been in Cardiff on several occasions when it was “closed” be sure the atmosphere has never suffered – if anything it has helped and not always helped the Welsh.


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