Find out about MLS expansion plans and predictions

The MLS has come a long way since its earlier days in the

90s. The league, which was started in 1996, is set to expand to 30 teams. The

league has been expanding every season, and is set to keep growing with new

teams set to join in all the way to 2021. The newest team to join the league is

Cincinnati FC who are currently playing their first season.


League to include 30 teams next season


St. Luis and Sacramento among other regions are set to present

their bids to the expansion committee later on in the year and a decision should

be reached in about a few months. In 2020, Inter Miami CF and Nashville SC will

join the league and Austin will be joining in 2021.


Fan numbers have been growing over the years


The teams set to join the league have been applauded of

having a fan base to actually pull crowds to the pitch. MLS especially

mentioned the impressive manner in which fan support has risen for Sacramento

since announcing their interest in joining the league in 2014. St. Louis is

poised to set a precedent as the first team to have a female majority ownership.


The league management was optimistic that there are many

more cities which could easily have a team in the log and have a decent fan

base. Over the years, the league has become more and more competitive,

attracting big names from across the world while nurturing bright talents back



Irish Soccer players in the league


Even when the league was new, Irish players have always been

able to make it to the league and set a shining example. In the early years,

Paul Keegan made a name for himself in the league playing for four years with

New England Revolution. Today, there are still a lot of Irish favorites to look

out for like Chris McCann who is set to join the league with the expansion club

Atlanta United. At current, the league has Andy Obrien, Darren O’Dea and Caleb

Folan among others. Within 2 decades, Irish players have made the MLS the other

league that they are able to adapt to with ease.


Upcoming match a crunch match


MLS action continues this Thursday with Philadelphia Union

taking on FC Cincinnati. The newcomers have had a tough run in which they have

only be able to register a single point in five games. The upcoming match does

not seem like an easier fixture than what they have had in the last five even

though it promises to be a high scoring match.




This mid-week fixture may give them the points they have

been hoping for, and they may just get over the line. The assumptions in upcoming matches are more than desirable to be hit because after all it is a great fame on MLS. Even so, it will take all

they have got for Cincinnati to get the result they want. Philadelphia, who are

flying in the Eastern Conference (ranking at number 3) will view this as a

fixture they could win. It is definitely a crunch tie, and a lot of loyal fans are expected to show up and get behind their respective teams.


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