Football parody in Macau

In a Cup match in Macau, Cal hosted Hang Shanghai and the score at the final whistle was 21-18! Footballers had the chance to score without any real attempt of defending the goal with even the goalkeepers scoring own goals. To add insult to injury, even the scoreboard refused to play along to the rules and stopped its count at 21-17!

As far fetched as it might seem, there was a good reason for this football parody, which led to the return of ticket money paid by the fans and betting sites refusing to offer odds for this match.

The players complained to the Macau Football Association for their decision to withdraw the national team from the 2022 qualifying round. Macau won the first home match in Sri Lanka with 1-0, with the rematch being scheduled for 11 June.

However, the federation of the country has refused to allow its national football team for security reasons and has requested that it be conducted on neutral ground. The reason is the terrorist attacks that took place on Easter Sunday in the city of Colombo (where it was planned to hold the match), killing about 253 people and injuring at least 500.

On the other hand, the Sri Lankan federation said the game fulfilled all the preconditions for the game, with the necessary number of police forces being present. Macau’s football players also wanted the Sri Lankan match to be played and asked those responsible for the decision to resign.

Team leader Nicholas Torano sent a letter to FIFA and the Asian Federation asking for a rematch to be scheduled:

“We footballers are disappointed with the postponement of the second game against Sri Lanka on their stadium, due to the refusal of the Macao Football Association for the trip. Please give the players a chance to give their hearts to this beautiful game. “


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