Future of Setanta Sports Cup in doubt

The future of the Setanta Sports Cup remains in doubt after rioting marred the Derry City v Linfield quarter-final this week.

With allegations flying back and forth between both sides, the organizing committee of the Setanta Cup will meet next week to discuss the events which marred the game.

Having lost 3-1 to Derry at the Brandywell, Linfield fans proceeded to smash windows of nearby houses, launching missiles and causing general mayhem in and around the vicinity of the 7,700 capacity stadium.

There were also rumours that at least one bus carrying Linfield fans had windows smashed in by local youths.

Club director Martin Mullan tried to calm things down, but he quickly left the scene as he felt his life was at risk: “You could see Martin literally running for his life to get away from yobs when all he was trying to do was keep the peace. It was a scandalous situation and one I hope I’ll never see again,” – said fellow director Tony O’Doherty.

Local TD Patricia Logue described the scene as a ‘sectarian rampage’ and stated that local residents were terrified by the Linfield mob. With the PSNI launching an investigation, the revelations are a major setback for Setanta, the FAI and the IFA, who are trying to keep the cross border cup competition alive, though the concept of an all Ireland league is currently not a realistic possibility.

Following the revelations of this week; the prospect of an all-Ireland league looks to be further away than ever.


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