Gareth Bale to stay at White Hart Lane?

Speaking on Sky Sports live coverage of the opening weekend of La Liga, Spanish journalist Guillem Balague suggested that the world record move of Gareth Bale to Real Madrid could be on the rocks.

The delay in the move along with the silence from Bale, Spurs and Real Madrid has caused people to ask questions and Balague has cast doubts on the move. His Spanish sources are usually very strong so his words are certainly worth noting.

He later tweeted,


He has often tweeted information that proved to be true, examples include telling Liverpool fans to prepare for bad news a week before Fernando Torres decided to move to Chelsea, announcing that Brendan Rogers would take over as Liverpool manager minutes before anyone else and he confirmed Jordi Alba’s move to Barcelona last summer a day before the deal was announced.

The Bale saga has become an on-running debacle ever since Madrid confirmed their bid for the player. All Spurs have done is confirmed the interest but there has been no emphatic stance taken by either chairman, Daniel Levy, or manager, Andre Villas Boas. Bale has also maintained complete silence during the affair. All we officially know is that Real Madrid want Bale. Reports of world record transfer fees, the player wanting to leave and Bale being disappointed with Spurs are all speculation. There is very little concrete information on the table but this speculation from Balague is the most believable as far as I’m concerned.

It’s not a surprise when one takes Daniel Levy’s negotiating history into account that this deal has stumbling blocks. I admire the way he runs his club. Some may say that he is crazy not to accept a world record transfer fee for a player who still has a lot to prove but he is trying to bring Spurs from a club on the brink of success, to the next level. Spurs are building something with a lot of potential and keeping Bale may allow Spurs to become potential title contenders with regular Champions League football. It must be difficult to convince Bale of this when he has an offer from Real Madrid on the table but I would imagine that this is a huge reason for the delay.

Levy must think of what he has, while Bale will think of himself. An offer from one of the world’s superpowers does not come along very often and it must be hard for Bale to turn down, but Levy has Spurs at the top of his list so he wants to keep his best player. I think this move has a large resemblance to that of Cristiano Ronaldo, when he wanted to move to Madrid but Sir Alex Ferguson delayed the move for a season. Daniel Levy must be thinking that one more season of Bale may get Spurs to a new level where he can attract a replacement of Bale’s stature, or possibly even keep him if Spurs remain on the brink of breaking into the top tier of the elite English clubs.

This deal will definitely go down the very end of the transfer window. Real Madrid will more than likely maintain their interest and the deal will be decided by Daniel Levy. Past transfers including Dimitar Berbatov and Luka Modric were decided by Levy. He will simply do what he thinks is the best thing for the club. It’s realistically impossible to tell what will happen. All we know is that we haven’t heard the end of Gareth Bale and Real Madrid and there will be many twists and turns before the 2nd of September.


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