How Football Has Become Favorite Game of Millions

A number of researches have been conducted across 18 European countries. This is a sociological study that is intended to capture the emotions of the football fans. The study compared expressions, feelings, behaviors, and emotions of fans supporting different football teams. The research is still conducted in countries like France, Netherlands, Britain, Italy, Spain, and Germany to record interviews, hold the detailed discussions with fans, and collect the data such as the heart rate during the matches. The mentioned countries provide some of the best teams in the Champions League tournament. The other countries that have football teams also conduct the telephonic interviews to record fans’ emotions and behaviors. These studies involve thousands of fans of the different Champions League teams.

The result of these researches and studies proves that despite being fans of different teams and having different ways of expressing emotions, the fans speak one language in the end, and it is the language of the football. The studies also revealed some quirks which challenge the stereotypes.


Passion for football

Passion and football are quite closely related. Excitement, emotions, and dedication are associated with football not only in Europe but worldwide. Exhilaration and joy are often called the main aspect of the football in the Champions League. Football is definitely the game that involves extreme emotions. The intensity of the matches is so high, that fans often are reported to cry at football matches. This type of emotion is mainly due to joy and excitement and sometimes despair. The Champions League football matches are often used by fans as an opportunity to release the stress and everyday life frustration.


What is the actual definition of a fan?

The true football fans often have a living experience of the football matches. A fan feels the need to be a participant in the matches and seeks to provide emotional support to the teams and encourage them to play better and show positive performance. The support from fans always impacts positively on the performance of a football team.

Attending games involves a range of logistical and psychological challenges. Some fans are referred to as fair-weather supporters; these are the fans who visit the ground only when the team they support is winning. They are not dedicated fans who lack detailed knowledge about the team and its statistics.


The actual dedicated fans start from buying tickets for matches like Chelsea vs. Liverpool, Arsenal vs. Liverpool, Manchester United vs. Liverpool and other team matches. For a dedicated fan, it doesn’t even matter where the match is held – at the Camp Nou stadium in Spain or at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City, for example. The fans will watch the games of their team throughout the complete season of Champions League. They also possess detailed knowledge about their team. These are the true fans of football.


Being the twelfth man

The fans often express themselves as the “twelfth man.” They describe their position as essential as that of the coaches, support staff and players. The fans perform different rituals during the game, and these actions are essential for supporting the football teams. They wave banners, chant slogans, sing songs, and do many other activities to cheer their favorite teams and the particular players to perform well.

It not only motivates players but also intimidates the members of the opposing team. The behavior of fans is believed to influence the decision of the referees. The true fans believe that they observe the matches not for the sake of enjoying the game, but for helping their favorite team win the finale.


Before and after match rituals

Along with the actions performed by fans in stadiums while watching a match, the post-match and pre-match rituals are very important. Such rituals grow a sense of unity among the fans, as they feel like one big family. The fans can meet up for a drink and discuss the posters or even work together to make a large-sized banner out of the tiny fabric squares.


Football brings people together, and they end up being friends. Many of them would not have become friends under different circumstances. Football unites the people from all corners of the world, and people forget the fights to support their favorite team together with others. The social bonds are very strong in the fan community. Brotherhood grows among the fans, and this friendship is quite different from other relationships done in different phases of life.


Family and traditions

For millions of enthusiasts, football is more an emotional game than a simple sport. It has a rich history. Football tends to unite families and Champions League unites the fans across the world. Elderly members share their experience and knowledge about the game with their children or grandchildren. They share their memories with each other and visit matches together.


Final word

Football has become a favorite game for millions. Champions League is the biggest league tournament held among the best European teams. Fans eagerly waiting throughout the year to enjoy the league matches and to support their favorite teams and players. There is a rush to buy tickets when they are put on sale on the official site of UEFA and other places. Tickets are sold out very fast, and the lucky fans visit the field to encourage players and teams through their songs and cheers. If you want to be one of these lucky people who have the possibility to support their favorite football team while seating on the best places on the stadium, you will definitely be interested in visiting the Seats4Sure platform. Click, choose the game in any country, and get your tickets almost immediately.

The fans become a part of every match won or lost by any team. Even football stars recognize the fans and supporters as an important factor behind the winning of a team. Fans can motivate their favorite team and also demotivate the opponent. The true fans are emotionally attached to the team. They cry out of happiness if their favorite team wins a match and also cry in despair if the team cannot win.


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