How to buy English Premier League tickets

The demand for Premier League tickets continues to grow at a rapid pace and some might say that the Premier League is headed for a record year in terms of the interest from Uk and International fans to attend a Premiership match.
This demand is most likely contributed to a few main reasons, the first can probably be attributed to the consistent money spend that the English teams have spent during the transfer market.
The teams combined spent approximately £1.4B during the offseason on player signings.
In addition, the Premier League has signed major multi-year TV deals with the likes of the NBC, DAZN and also accomplished to close blockbuster deals in the local market valued at just over £5.1 Billion.
To top off the sponsorships and mega TV deals, last season the premier league teams dominated all of the top European cups, both the Champions League final and the Europa League final saw 2 British teams take the trophy,
and not only that but the runner’s ups were Premier League teams.
The demand for Premier League tickets is also at an all-time high, SeatPick a ticket search engine for live events analysed the top 5 leagues in Europe and found that out of 20 of the most expensive matches in Europe which include highly prices clashes such as the Spanish Classico, the Premier League had 15 of the most expensive matches, At the top of the list is the super competitive clash Liverpool vs Manchester United.
SeatPick’s CEO Gilad Zilbertman added “although we see that the Premier League is the most expensive league in Europe and ticket prices are at a constant rise, fans are still buying the most tickets to the Premier League compared to any other league.
The face value of the tickets and the Hospitality prices have risen in recent years by the clubs, which obviously has a direct effect on the resale prices that can be seen in the market, to top that with some relatively small stadiums and you have a classic problem of supply and demand.
But the rise in ticket prices is not affecting demand, fans are still willing to pay to watch their favourite teams face each other, the great benefit of living in the Uk as a football fan is that you are really catching the best players in Europe play in front of your eyes and
you don’t need to travel far to catch a clash between the top 6-8 teams if you are planning on catching a London match and one of the big 6-8 teams come into town then you are most likely about to pay a minimum of ~150-175 pound per ticket for a get in ticket, the English teams will have to expand their stadiums in the coming years, there just no way around it .”


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