Ireland v Germany: No hiding for Trap as ugly truth confirmed

It was a grim night for Irish football as Germany routed Giovanni Trapattoni’s side 6-1 in as comprehensive a defeat as could have been imagined, there were boos at full time and there can be no hiding the fact that this team and management set up have gone as far as they can.

What we learned
Nothing new, Ireland have a limited squad of players who are made worse not better by rigidly enforced and out of date tactics, further exacerbated by players pushed into unfamiliar positions. Cox in particular is profoundly unsuited to a wide left role.

Marco Reus provided the killer edge in the first half but Mesut Ozil proved once again that he is capable of controlling a match – his movement on and off the ball opened up options for the Germans

Key battle
Seamus Colman vs Marco Reus, Mesut Ozil and Marcel Schmelzer.

Reus stayed deep, Ozil filled the space, Schmelzer joined him threatening to overlap. Reus pushed on, Ozil drifted behind him, Schmelzer caught his breath. Reus went central, Ozil went left and Coleman was tempted to push on. For the first goal Coleman was still looking for Reus when Schmelzer stole behind him to pick up the ball and lay it off for Reus. For the second, Coleman chanced his solitary run forward in the opening half, Fahey overcomplicated the pass, Coleman struggled to control it and Germany broke through Boateng and Ozil before Reus fired a great shot in from the left. All night, Coleman was stranded by McGeady’s lack of covering and when Ozil joined Reus, Andrews, Fahey and McCarthy were too encumbered by the movement of Schweinsteiger, Muller and threat of Khedira to help him out. He was thrown in at the deepest of end so it’s not the night to judge Coleman on, let’s hope Trapattoni doesn’t.

Germany enjoyed 98% of the possession between the first and second goals
Ireland record home defeat 5-0 to Spain in 1931, the worst ever was 7-0 away to Brazil – so at least there’s that
This match was Trap’s 51st in charge


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