Is it Surprising that Gambling Addiction is High in Ireland?

Gambling on sports, games and slots is at an all-time high. The terrible side effect of this is that we now have an estimated 40,000 people with a gambling addiction in Ireland alone. This is unsurprising to many industry experts, who feel that this figure has been growing for a long time.

Each day, betting sites and bingo rooms are filled with Irish people clamouring to play. There is no single type of person that places bets or typical bet that they will make, as really anyone can get involved. There are so many operators and bets to be made out there that players can really take their pick.

Betting on games has existed for almost as long as the games themselves but the way that we place money on these has changed significantly. More money than ever is being poured into these sites, with no real guarantee that players will win anything at all back. Novelty games like bingo and slots are rapidly becoming ever more popular.


Ireland is a hotbed for these gambling sites, with €5bn wagered on an annual basis. Sectors like online bingo are relatively new markets that are really thriving. Bingo is often seen as more of a female orientated way to bet, which may appeal to those that would not be interested in sports betting. The human cost of this industry is massive, with each individual having the potential to overspend a massive amount before an exclusion kicks in.

The culture of betting in Ireland is long and storied. From horse racing to bingo, we seem to always have enjoyed spending our money on these sites. This can make it more accessible and accepted for people to try gambling for the first time and then continue to do so in the long term. Nowadays, jackpot games and prizes on bingo sites can be massive and will be bound to entice new playersz.

Bingo sites like www.wtgbingo.comallow their players to gamble money around the clock on a variety of games. However, there has been a push for online gambling operators to provide more responsible gambling checks and information.

Mobile bingo is booming, with a high percentage of players checking in and gambling on a daily basis. The sheer convenience factor that online and mobile betting offers can be counted as a contributing factor to the amount of adults with a gambling problem. Offers and promotions on bingo sites can also serve as a reminder and incentive for players to come back and gamble further.


To those that don’t suffer with an online gambling addiction, this may seem like a distant problem that they will never experience. Not only is this incorrect because of the ease at which an addiction can form, gambling addiction as a whole affects everyone that pays tax. Support and help for those with addictions costs the country a huge amount, which could be being used elsewhere.

The companies that offer real money bingo and casino games are profiting highly. One popular Irish online gambling site reported a 77% increase in online profits from the years 2013 to 2014. This is a massive leap in profits and few industries can boast the same increases in the current age of austerity.

As a country, we have less disposable income than ever, which is why gambling is having a larger effect. It’s very easy for those that don’t have a huge amount of money to overspend and find themselves in financial difficulty. One game of bingo with a few cents can very quickly become much more and before players realise it, their cash is all used up.

There are so many sides to this issue, though experts have provided guidelines and solutions. For the huge amount of gambling addicts out there, we should be taking these seriously.


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