Jewish chants have no place in football

If you don’t think swearing is funny then you’ve obviously never been to a football match. Football or terrace humour prides itself on being close to the bone but sometimes it oversteps the mark.

There certainly is a case for the argument that the law of the land should not be suspended just because you are in a football stadium. Indeed some of the things that are chanted at football grounds would get you arrested if you stood in the middle of town on a Saturday afternoon and let loose.


The most recent controversy is centred about the repeated use of the word Yid when it comes to Tottenham Hotspur. Referring to Tottenham’s traditional north London Jewish fanbase chants of Come On You Yids is a regular at White Hart Lane which is usually met by anti semitic chants from opposing fans. David Cameron weighed in with typical ignorance during the week in support of the right to use the chants to which David Baddiel served this response.


The use of racially charged language has no place no modern life and the tacit approval bestowed by fans,the club and now the Prime Minister of Britain brings shame on the sport. PFA chairman Clarke Carlisle came out during the week in support of the ban he said “Do they have a right to appropriate that term when it would be indescribably offensive to anyone else?


Football does not exist in a bubble it is a multi billion pound industry with fans from every race and creed. It has a responsibility to it’s fans so that they can stand and support their team without suffering the indignity of racial taunts.


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