John Delaney resigns from FAI

John Delaney has resigned from his role as Executive Vice President of the Football Association Of Ireland (FAI). The news was confirmed on social media as well as the national broadcaster RTE.

They reported that Mr Delaney resigned after having talks with all parties. A statement by the FAI confirmed the news on Saturday. In which it said :

The Board of the Football Association of Ireland announces the resignation with immediate effect of Executive Vice President and former CEO John Delaney.

The statement continued “This follows talks between the parties. The FAI will fulfil certain notice and pension obligations as agreed between the parties.”Mr Delaney served as CEO of the FAI from 2005 to March of 2019 during which time the FAI became partners in the new Aviva Stadium.

“In 2017, he was elected to the UEFA Executive and in March of this year, he moved to a role of Executive Vice-President of the FAI.”

Pressure has been on the FAI over the last 6 or 7 months with everything that has gone on. They will now be looking for a replacement Executive Vice President in the coming weeks and months.


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