Klopp talks about the Liverpool defense

Liverpool FC News – The Kop manager Jurgen Klopp had to come out and defend his backline after they conceded 6 goals in two games.

“Our fault is that with some things we give you the opportunity to talk about it – that is our mistake. It is a lack of concentration. Everyone who ever played football missed a ball in some situation. It is not a quality thing.

“It looks to me like a self-fulfilling prophecy because we talk about it all the time. Everyone had conceded goals so far. We cannot take out the five goals against City but if we could do it we have played a lot of games with decent defensive performances.

“It would be easy to look at this team and say ‘It is so exciting how they play…’ but I am not sure if it is the world in general or a Liverpool thing but it is always looking for one thing we can be angry about and not happy with.”

He went on to talk about how impressed he has been with Burnley: “Yes they won against Chelsea, who were one-man down. What I really like is what Sean Dyche is doing there. They have a clean plan. You can see it in each game and it is so difficult to play (against) as all their players show a big desire to defend all the situations and there is not one player in the team who you think ‘He gambles a little bit’.

“Their two away games they got four points from Chelsea and Tottenham. That is something I have to consider when I think about the line-up, we need freshness in mind and legs. There will be really small spaces, there is not a lot of easy situations where you can out-play them.

“It is really interesting to play them because they are always on a really high level since I’ve been in the league. Maybe the best game we played against them was the first game when we lost 2-0: we were really strong in this game, had the ball all the time and they still scored twice.

“But it is not that we think about these games. We’ve made a big step in all the areas we need for these games. If we are all ready for work we can be really good.”


  1. For Klopp to improve his defence he needs to agree that there is a problem. Denying that defence is a problem is akin to an alcoholic denying he has a drinking problem.


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