Latest Football News: Mourinho to Inter? Manchester United to sign a few new players this summer?

The transfer window in the Premier League was closed on 31 January and it brought us a few surprises. Of course, the team changes we have witnessed are not as spectacular as the ones that we usually see in the summer transfer period which is logical. Namely, most clubs are making their big transfers in the summer period before the new season begins. This is the reason why they are looking for players and coaches even in February, March, April, andMay. Now let’s see what the latest football news are and what can we expect in the near future.

Mourinho to Inter? Manchester United to sign a few new players this summer?

We will start the news with the latest rumors involving Jose Mourinho. One of the world’s most famous and most controversial football coaches was sacked by Manchester United after his disastrous start of the new season. Mourino was a great coach when he was in Chelsea and Inter, but it looks like he’s lost his touch when he was working in Manchester United. This is probably the main reason why he is negotiating with Beppe Marotta, the head of Inter Milan. It’s obvious that Mourinho wants to get back in the club that made him famous worldwide.

As we all know, Manchester United is always looking for ways to keep their players for as long as possible in their team. After all, they had the best results when the basis of their team was made of players who were playing in the team for years. So, it’s no surprise to hear that Manchester United is negotiating about the terms of a new contract that they will sign with their valuable forward – Marcus Rashford. According to some sources, he will get a twicehigher salary and sign a long-term deal.

While we are talking about players in Manchester United that would like to stay in this team, we should mention Ander Herrera. It looks like he is preparing for a new deal with Manchester United. Given that this Spanish player is 29 years old, there’s a great chance that he will end the best days of his career in England. Of course, Manchester United is looking for fresh new players internationally too. At this moment, they are trying to bring a good centre-back. So far, they have contacted Sampdoria (Joachim Andersen), Inter Milan (Milan Skriniar), and Napoli (Kalidou Koulibaly).

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On the other hand, Tottenham would love to sign a deal with James Maddison of Leicester City. This young midfielder should fill the gap that Tottenham may face if their midfielder Eriksen signs for Real Madrid. The Spurs will also try to attract Matthias Ginter, the 25-year old centre-back that plays for Borussia Monchengladbach. But, they will have to compete against Arsenal because they have shown interest in this player too.

When it comes to Arsenal, according to a few unofficial sources, they are trying to get Alex Grimaldo (Benfica) to the Emirates Stadium. This talented defender is targeted by a few other Italian and English teams including Manchester City.

Chelsea will definitely bring some fresh blood to their team this summer because they obviously need it. That’s why they are interested in a few young players that come from Portugal including Fernandes (Sporting Lisbon) and Felix (Benfica). They are also interested in Sandro Tonali (Brescia). This player is just 18 years old, but he’s proven to be valuable.

Manchester City and Liverpool are more reserved when it comes to sharing information about their future transfer moves, so we’ll have to wait to see what they are up to.


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