Louis Van Gaal signs contract with Manchester United

Manchester United have today confirmed that Louis Van Gaal will succeed David Moyes as the next manager of the football club.

In a move that will come as little surprise to most given the Dutchman being linked heavily to the English club in recent weeks, the sixty-two year old will take up the post after the World Cup in Brazil this summer. Van Gaal is currently the manager of the Dutch national team in what is his second stint as manager of the country.
The links between club and manager started a month ago when Van Gaal let the media know that he felt United was “The biggest football club in the world.” He also spoke of his desire to one day be manager of the team if the opportunity arose. Now that he has been officially installed, it is still unclear what role caretaker manager and squad mamber Ryan Giggs will have at the club. Although keen to remain with the team, Giggs had also spoken in recent weeks of being bitten by the managerial bug, and so make look elsewhere to get the chance to run a team himself.
Van Gaal really came to prominence in the European and World game in 1995 when he led Ajax to Champions League glory. From there, stops at both Barcelona and Bayern Munich were also littered with domestic success. While at Barcelona, current Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho was his number two, and he is also credited with laying the foundations for the dominant, powerful and attacking style Bayern Munich have played in recent years to enjoy both more domestic success, as well as last year’s Champions League triumph.
Once the Dutchman arrives in Manchester after the summer showcase in South America, the futures of a number of players such as Nani, Ashley Young and Chris Smalling will be cast in doubt. His first business in the transfer window will also be watched keenly too. Star striker Robin Van Persie, thought to be unsettled at the backwards direction the club had gone, may be more likely to stay now with a countryman and his current international manager now on board.
It is not yet known when an official unveiling to the media will take place.


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