Newcastle legend ‘sickened’ by mess at club

Former Newcastle striker Alan Shearer has said that appointing Joe Kinnear as director of football at St James Park will turn the club into a laughing stock.

Kinnear, a former manager of the Toon side, has been appointed as director of football, and he has wasted no time in making headlines, for all the wrong reasons, again.

In interviews since he has taken over, he has failed to pronounce players names correctly, and he even failed to announce the name of then managing director Derek Llambias correctly.

Newcastle were even in the market to sign defender Douglas, who would have been a superb addition to the side, and a major coup for the team on a whole, but according to reports on Wednesday, Kinnear pulled Newcastle out of a move for the talented player!

It promises to be car-crash television with Kinnear in charge, and it is surely bad news fore Newcastle fans ahead of the season.

Alan Shearer, a Newcastle legend still adored by Geordies, has taken to his column in the Sun to air his thoughts on the debacle.

“Where do we start? What I do know is that right now people are laughing at the football club I support. And that sickens me.”

He added: “I promised myself years ago never to be surprised by what happens in football – particularly when it comes to Newcastle.

“But this situation really is stretching it a bit. While other clubs are all plotting and planning for next season, Newcastle have a manager who has just been totally undermined.

“Alan Pardew has said he will carry on but I am sure it will be a difficult situation.”

Llambias resigned as a result of Kinnear being appointed, after he learned that Kinnear would take over some of Llambias duties.

Kinnear has met with Pardew, but Shearer believes a lack of a public comment from Pardew is a telling sign of the times on Tyneside.

“His silence on the appointment of Kinnear himself over recent days said it all,” Shearer wrote. “But what could he say?

“He is in such an intolerable position. He can’t come out and slaughter his employers but at the same time he can’t agree with a situation which no manager would find comfortable.”


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