Rangers chief executive believes the Old Firm will be played in England

Rangers chief executive Charles Green believes that the Old Firm will be played in English football within the next five years.

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The Rangers chief is still adamant that under European Law, Celtic and Rangers cannot be stopped from playing in England and Green has said that he would not accept an invitation to play in the Premier League, but would happily begin their journey in the conference.

“Whether it is next week, because the English authorities change their mind, or in five to 10 years, Rangers and Celtic will leave Scotland,” Green told the Daily Mirror.

“I would like to think within five years. I say to English clubs: Don’t be afraid of the unknown. There will be cross-border leagues and that will change the face of European football. These doors are opening.

“I don’t want to go into the Premier League. It would be wrong. If the Premier League sent me an invite saying we could start next year, I would turn it down.

“I don’t want to go into the Football League. But what I do want to do is to start playing football in England, and knowing that if I win that league, I get promoted to the next one and the next one. And no one can stand there and say we can’t get promoted because you are a Scottish club.

“Could you imagine the income generation Rangers and Celtic would create in the Conference? Every Conference stadium would be full. And then to work through the leagues over the next three or four years would refresh English football because this staleness that is affecting Scottish football is prevalent here.”

English football authorities have frowned upon the idea, stating in the past that teams at conference level could not afford to travel to Rangers every week. And although this topic has been up for discussion for a few years now, Green is still pushing for Rangers to play in England.

“Why would football clubs or football authorities not want Rangers and Celtic?” If they say: ‘It wouldn’t add anything into the game’, they are lying,” he said.

“I watched Southampton play Wigan. The stadium wasn’t full – there were empty seats. Now there is no way on God’s earth that any team that Rangers play will have empty seats.

“That is what football wants – to bring the money in. When you say the English FA and Football League don’t want us, when you look at some of these clubs, Portsmouth have gone bust three times in four years.

“Two English clubs have come to me and said: ‘Buy us and close us down. Take us for free and take on the liabilities’.

“I have spoken to a number of chief executives from Premier League clubs and all of them would welcome Rangers. Of the people I have spoken to directly, or people on my behalf have spoken to, throughout the leagues – 20 – only two have said no.”

Green insists that EU law would be behind his idea, adding: “Under European law, (stopping us) is categorically a restraint of trade.

“It is clearly the same law as Bosman. If people think that is right, they are in cloud cuckoo land because it is not right. I am an outspoken Yorkshirman, I call a spade a spade and I say it. Others whisper in corners and I think it is wrong.

“Now if we are not good enough, and the Football League clubs vote that they don’t want us in, I accept that. That is fine. But don’t tell me there is a law that is outside of the laws of this country and outside of the laws of the EU.

“I don’t ever want to go to court. The club secretary is in contact with the FA to try to fix an appointment for me to meet them. This is not Cheryl Cole v Ashley Cole. We want to talk face to face.”

I can’t see Rangers or Celtic being allowed into the England league set up in the immediate future although I do believe that it will happen somewhere down the line.


  1. what is this OLD FIRM thing you talk of get facts straight please this is a new team bumping its gums because it is running out of cash fast and name dropping Celtic in there deluded statements

  2. ‘Green told the Daily Mirror’?
    Are you sure it wasn’t ‘the bathroom mirror’, or pehaps more aptly ‘the rear view mirror’? ‘Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the biggest ejit of them all’?
    This mob haven’t even got a vote on what’s happening in Scottish football never mind speaking for epl managers or Glasgow Celtic. Maybe he intends to buy Celtics football vote, just like he thinks he bought a liquidated clubs titles, cups andhistory, just like his 50yr old ‘rookie’ manager thinks 10million (no laughing at the back)will presumably buy him tactical nous and managerial ability!
    You would think sevco were held 0-0 at home in a half empty Ibrox by a fourth tier team of part-timers including a 17yr old schoolboy or something.
    They said sevco lacked a spark on Sat, you would have thought Strirling Albion would have loaned them one, they reportedly had three in their team, along with two roofers, a joiner and a retired drama teacher.
    At least David Murray had the decency (cough!) to combine smoke with his use of mirrors!

  3. How presumptuous to say you will start in the Conference.

    Start at the bottom of the non-league pyramid, as clubs like AFC Wimbledon had to do.

    Maybe by then the Scots will have voted for independence anyway.

  4. Chuckles Green is the original snake oil salesman, always talks a load of rubbish but with enough of a sounds like a possibility in there to keep it in the news.
    As a Celtic fan I am always disgusted when he uses the good name of Celtic in his ramblings to try to give credence to his wishful thinking.
    As Celtic have stated time and time again, Celtic have their own agenda in place and it does not include any in effect 4 div Scottish teams or any liquidated/reformed clubs trying to weasel their way out of the hole they dug for themselves, Green can be thankful that the SFA rules were changed once again to let his new servco club in as a associate member.

    Remember the old song the now liquadated rangers fans used to sing- “we are rangers super rangers, no one likes us , we don’t care”
    Guess what? no one still does.


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