Rio accepts Roy’s apology

Snubbed England defender Rio Ferdinand has accepted an apology from Roy Hodgson over comments the England manager made about him while travelling on the Tube.

Hodgson phoned the Manchester United star to express his remorse and left a message on the centre half’s voicemail. Ferdinand’s representative contacted the FA to confirm that the defender had received the message and accepted Hodgson’s apology. He also emphasized Ferdinand wished to move on from the embarrassing incident.

Hodgson was travelling to Emirates Stadium on Wednesday night when he got chatting to a group of fans and told them that Ferdinand wouldn’t be in the England squad for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers and also hinted that the 33 year old’s international career may be over.

Snippets of the conversation were splashed all over the back pages yesterday and the England manager publically apologised over the remarks amid fears that that Ferdinand’s humiliation may cause him to call time on his 81 cap England career.

Hodgson said: “I’m very disappointed that my travelling on the Tube train and suggesting Rio’s career is over to a passing punter has been recorded as it has.”

“I’m definitely not closing the door on Rio, and there is no way I would ever indicate I wasn’t going to use a player in that way. All I remember was that I was talking to quite a lot of people on the Tube and one guy asked: ‘Is Rio in the next squad?’ and I think I might have said: ‘I don’t think so.’ But it’s a mistake and I need to apologise for that. I’ve paid for it,” he added.


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