Should John Terry have been allowed change into full kit to lift Europa League trophy?

Chelsea may have won the Europa League final last night, but every non-Chelsea supporter the world over, have once again began to mock Chelsea skipper John Terry, for changing from a suit into full kit to lift the trophy, despite the fact he did not play!

Thousands of Internet Memes were created when Terry changed from his suit to full kit after the 2012 Champions League final win, a game Terry was suspended for. He celebrated the win as if he had played in the final, prompting football fans to photoshop images of Terry gatecrashing the Royal Wedding in full kit, and Barack Obama’s inauguration as President in his full strip.

And once again, Terry changed from his suit to full Chelsea kit to help captain on the night Frank Lampard lift the trophy.

In fairness to the former England skipper, he was not the only Chelsea player to parade around in full kit despite not playing. Marko Marin, Oriol Romeu and Ryan Betrand all helped celebrate the win in full-kit.

It seems as though changing into a kit is not restricted to Chelsea, when Manchester United lifted the Premier League this season, Wayne Rooney appeared to collect his medal and parade the trophy around the Old Trafford pitch in full kit, despite not featuring in the game, or being named on the bench.

SO, should players be allowed change into full kit, and claim some of the glory for themselves? It is a UEFA regulation that you must change into your kit for the trophy presentation, but should it be outlawed? Personally I think so. If you cannot play for whatever reason, be it suspension or injury, you should not be allowed change into a kit to celebrate, taking some of the glory away from you teammates who did play.

Even Demba Ba went up for the trophy presentation on Wednesday night, despite his Europa League season ending in January, when he moved to Stamford Bridge from Newcastle. He had played in the competition for the Magpies, making him ineligible for Chelsea, but that did not stop him.

When Liverpool claimed the FA Cup title in 2001, injured captain Jamie Redknapp helped lift the trophy in a suit. He had played no part in the final, and rightly stayed in his suit as opposed to changing into full kit.

Should UEFA and the Premier League bring in a rule that says if you played no part in the final, you cannot lift the trophy in your kit?

Have your say on the matter below.

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    • Rooney only ever thinks about himself, he held utd to ransom a few years ago and they actually gave him more money than he asked for, if he cannot accept that a better player has come in (RVP) then let him pick up his dummy and go to another club that will put up with his tantrums. Look Graeme you can put your point over without the need for foul language, probably picked up from Rooney.


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