Spurs’ new stadium to open in April

Premier League side Tottenham Hotspur new stadium will finally open behind schedule when it will host the sides first Premier League on the opening weekend in April.

The stadium is built on the same site as the old White Harte Lane and has a massive capacity of 62,000. The stadium was due to open in September 2018, but it has been hit with constant delays. In fact, many were wondering whether Tottenham would get to play their this season, but it has now been confirmed they certainly will.

RTE Sport report that the that Maurcio Pochettino’s side will host two tests events, before they either welcome Crystal Palace or Brighton and Hove Albion at the new venue. The team is not yet decided as Brighton are currently in the FA Cup. A statement released on the clubs website tottenhamhotspur.com said “We have held discussions with the Premier League and UEFA. The following has been agreed with the Premier League, Brighton and Crystal Palace to ensure that our first game is a Premier League match prior to a UEFA Champions League quarter-final match”. The statement added further If Brighton win their FA Cup quarter-final match on Sunday 17 March we shall play Crystal Palace on Wednesday 3 April and Brighton on 23/24 April. “If Brighton lose their FA Cup quarter-final match on 17 March we shall play Brighton on 6/7 April (subject to Champions League scheduling) and Crystal Palace on 23/24 April.”

Tottenham will play there Champions League quarter final at the new stadium as well after they beat German side Borrussia Dortmund 4-0 on aggregate to confirm their place. RTE Sport that the two tester games will be played on the 24th of March with the Spurs U18 side playing Southampton with a 30,000 capacity, while a legends match will take place 6 days later on the 30th of March with a capacity of 45,000.


  1. Second paragraph: play ‘their’ this season should be play THERE. Also, Tottenham beat Dortmund 4-0 on aggregate not 4-1.

  2. Spurs beat Dortmund 4-0 on aggregate not 4-1, please don’t write such false stuff…it affects the credibility of the entire article.


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