Televised Premier League matches set for big change will annoy fans

Change is coming to televised games as the Premier League is set to sell even more games to broadcasters with extra matches set to be televised from 2019.

So the thought of more games than ever before is an exciting time for fans. With sports package prices on the rise yearly – getting more for your money when TV deals are negotiated for the 2019/20 season should be exciting. It might be a case that bookmakers might offer live feeds of matches, you can click here to see a list of some great online betting companies

Although not everything is as it seems. According to The Times the Premier League will be negotiating for a deal that will include Saturday 7.45 pm kick offs in the Premier League as they look to televise at least half of the 380 games a season.

The number of live Premier League games has soared in the past 16 years, with there having been 60 between 1992-2001, 106 between 2001-04, 138 between 2004-13 and 154 between 2013-16.

Ofcom launched a two-year investigation into how the rights were sold following a complaint by Virgin Media that the proportion of live games made available was lower than some other leading European leagues, contributing to higher prices for consumers.

A move like such will most definitely annoy fans with 5.30 pm kick offs and evening weekday kick off times difficult enough to get home from without the addition of the late weekend kick offs too.

At the moment both Sky Sports and BT Sport split the showing of 168 games per season between them. With the proposed change the league is hoping to up that to at least 190 games.

More midweek games  would risk annoying UEFA who have already complained about domestic games being scheduled at the same time as its competitions. Another clash for the Premier League are the big La Liga matches often kick-off at 8 pm on a Saturday.

The chairman of the Football Supporters’ Federation, Malcolm Clarke, saying when the Ofcom investigation was launched: “We’d have major reservations about a further significant increase in televised football.”

He added: “Football eats itself sometimes. We’re talking about £8bn in [global] TV revenues, right?

“Well, the X-Men movie franchise is £10bn, so let’s get context about how big this business really is against how big it really could be.”

A decision will be made in Autumn when clubs vote on whether to accept the new kick-off times.


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