The end of Coventry City F.C?

The finances of football were in the headlines for all the wrong reasons on Friday as one of England’s traditional club Coventry City were announced to be going into liquidation.

On the eve of the 125th anniversary of the Football League and just as the season is about to commence, it was news that they could have done without.

It’s hard to imagine that Coventry were a Premier League club just over ten years ago but their decline since then has been an issue and it seems to have plummeted in 2013. They had issues with their stadium, the Ricoh Arena, during the summer where they were evicted from their home ground and the problems have continued to get worse.

The words ‘administration’ is coming far too prominent in football and clubs are struggling to survive. Only one Premier League side, Portsmouth, have entered administration but a hugely significant number of lower league clubs have had financial issues and they haven’t been dealt with.

Clubs and governing bodies are being blinded by the amounts of money in the game today and it looks like finances could claim another victim in Coventry. Talks of a move, similar to Milton Keynes Dons, formerly Wimbledon, looks like a potential solution but this can’t continue to happen. Clubs are built from the bottom and they bring local communities together. Moving should never be an option.

Coventry have now been deducted ten points as they begin their season. They are expected to fulfil their fixtures regardless of on-going issues off the field of play. A club that could once beat Manchester United could now be extinct if they cannot sort their financial problems. Authorities need to do more to try and stop this from occurring as it’s a sight that nobody enjoys.


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