The Football Pink: A Brilliant New Football Magazine

Quality and value for money. These are two of the major requirements for making purchases in this day and age, thankfully the Football Pink has both these traits, in abundance.

The quarterly magazine is an offshoot of the popular and is now in its second edition.

Just like the first edition, the second magazines features a piece by yours truly but there’s better reasons than that to pick it up, notably “I’ve seen enough thanks” by the brilliant Ally Moncrief and Brian Strahan’s “The history of Irish centre backs, Part 2”.

It has also Greg Theoharis, recently nominated for an FSF award not to mention Anna-Louise Adams and Laura Jones, both of whom were nominated for a FBA award.

As a taster, here is an excerpt from the brilliant Layth Yousif who writes about former German International, Gunter Netzer.

Gunter Netzer: The uncanny and the awe-inspiring

LAYTH YOUSIF eulogises about the stylish but unconventional German football legend whose individuality illuminated European football during the 60’s and 70’s.

“I believe that truth has only one face: that of contradiction.” – Georges Bataille, Philosopher

How do you explain a man that owned a bar but never drank alcohol?

The son of a humble greengrocer who ended up running a notorious nightclub?

Who kept fast cars but never raced them? Who wore his blonde hair long like an Edwardian poet but insisted it was to hide his ugliness? A man who was nicknamed after a musical legend with a questionable past? An astute businessman who hated commercialism? A sex symbol who married an enigmatic goldsmith? A man who intellectuals salivated over but was apolitical?

And that was off the pitch.

How can you describe a man who only won 30 International caps but played in a game that at the time was voted the second best performance in his country’s illustrious footballing history?

A German entrusted with a penalty in Wembley’s cauldron, lionised for staying icily calm and admired for scoring the vital kick – when the truth was it was an effort which a World Cup winning goalkeeper should have saved.

A footballer who was immortalised in the 1973 German Cup Final, yet hadn’t started the game and refused to come on until he decided the time was right?

A player whose performance peaked in a single week the same year – but had arguably the game of his life expunged from the record books through no fault of his own?

Fiction has more room for ambivalence, moral ambiguity and contradiction than reality. In sport as in life things are easier if they are compartmentalised. Intuitively it is far more comfortable for us if our idols are one dimensional and easy to read. But that’s not always the case.

The footballer’s nickname was Karajan. (A reference to the talented and charismatic conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic, Herbert von Karajan. The contradiction evident in the moniker was whilst bringing joy to millions Karajan was also a member of the Nazi Party in the 1930s).

Yet the world knew the man as Gunter Netzer.

To read more of Layth and the rest of the hugely talented writers, enclosed is a link to Issue Two.

Priced at just 99p you can download it here. If you don’t have a Kindle you can download the FREE app to your phone, iPad, PC and laptop here. Featured inside are;

Football journalism: The state of play – Alex Stewart
Gunter Netzer: The uncanny and awe-inspiring – Layth Yousif
Notorious and outrageous transfer tactics – Giles Metcalfe
The unofficial English club champions – Jonathan Wallace
Finding sanctuary; we are all customers now – Stuart Howard-Cofield
Death, Despots and Dinamo: Beria and The Beautiful Game – John O’Sullivan
The new age of the Premier League – Alex Leonard
The gift that keeps on giving – Luke Constable
Football a growing phenomenon in Afghanistan – Nathan Carr
Games of our lives; Tottenham vs. Arsenal, April 14th, 1991, London– Greg Theoharis
It’s not quite so grim up north – Billy Taylor
Blatter, Ba-Vi and the beauty of Bahia – Laura Jones
The history of Irish centre backs, Part 2 – Brian Strahan
Hugo Meisl and the Englishman who ruled Vienna – Chris Smith
Gaps in the pyramid: My journey through the decline in amateur football – Jamie Allen
Have football boots, will travel – Mark Godfrey
The loan system; does it work? – Pete Spencer
If you’re good enough, you’re old enough – Anna-Louise Adams
Chasing Brady – Trevor Keane
A life offside – Mark Lindores


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