The Top 4 Irish Football Players In History

Over the years, Ireland has constantly proven its dedication to football, both through its world renowned fans that can produce quite an impression, as well as through some of the most talented and skilled players in the world. The examples of elite players are numerous and spread across a great portfolio of International Clubs such as Chelsea, Juventus, Manchester United or Arsenal, and the following names are the all-time best Irish football prodigies.

4. Packie Bonner

Nobody can forget the amazing evolution of Ireland’s National Team Goalkeeper, Packie Bonner. In a thrilling match against Romania, carried out till the penalties stage, Bonners’ reflexes have been the key element that secured Ireland’s victory and qualification to the next rounds. Currently playing for Glasgow Celtic, Bonner continues to show the same top shape and amazing ability to prevent goals. On top of this, he is also a dedicated supporter of the local football scene as well as an extremely modest and honorable character.

3.Liam Brady


Now in his late 50s, Brady started playing for Arsenal, only to show an extremely fast progress and game development and head to the Italian Serie A. Here he cross checked almost each major Team at that time, starting with Juventus and ending up with Inter Milan. To culminate a tremendous career, Brady returned to Arsenal as Academy Director, where he practically ushered a new line up of promising young stars, according to best betting sites.


2. Robbie Keane

Always surprising and reliable, Robbie Keane is still active and relentless on the field, showing pretty much the same shape as back in 1998 when he officially started his career. The former star of Tottenham Hotspur is still up and running as some may say, currently holding the highest-scoring record among international players, with 65 amazing goals and rapidly approaching the personal record of Gerd Muller, of 68 goals.

1. George Best


George Best is still considered one of the most technical dribbles in football history, after numerous amazing performances along to the Northern-Ireland International Team, where he introduced and perhaps even invented some of the most impressive tricks and dribblings. His ultimate moment of football glory came in 1971, in a First Division match against the spurs, were best managed to scoop the ball over 4 defenders and the goalkeeper from a roughly distance of 12 yards.


1.Roy Keane

Considered by many Manchester United fans the best captain to have led the team, Roy Keane is a veritable warrior and an unforgettable football icon. Keane’s contribution has been an essential factor to Manchester United securing almost all of the prestigious trophies and medals at that time. His extremely edgy temper did cause him a couple of drawbacks, starting with the extremely violent fault he committed upon Alf Inge-Haaland. Nevertheless, Keane remains one of the best players in Irish Football history, despite any other personal conflicts.


Along to various other memorable names, the players listed above have practically written the Irish Football chapter, setting the standards for upcoming generation. Nowadays, younger rising stars are training in the domestic divisions of the League of Ireland right this moment, ensuring continuity and quality for the saga of Irish football stars


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