Top 6 Irish sportspersons who gamble for money

Gambling is not only a way to win money but it can also be a fun and relaxing escape from day-to-day life.

However, the urge to gamble at times becomes irresistible and might turn into an addiction. Ireland is one of the top five countries severely affected by gambling addiction. Many of the Irish sportsmen have fallen victims to the obsession and it has become a growing concern for the authorities.


Online and Mobile gaming company MrMobi presents you a list of six such Irish sportsmen:


  1. DavyGlennon


Davy Glennon is an Irish hurler of the Galway County. His problem of gambling is chronic. He lost thousands of dollars to gambling when he was very young. His addiction was such that he thought of taking his own life after suffering great losses. After a long struggle, he decided to join an addiction programme. He has rejoined the hurling team with the hope to recover completely.


  1. Craig Walsh

Craig Walsh is an Irish footballer who was banned for a year for use of coke. In July 2016, he revealed that he suffered from a severe gambling and drug addiction.  He would end up in casinos drunk out of his senses and lose recklessly. He joined Gamblers’ Anonymous twice. The addiction also caused him to suffer from severe depression.


  1. Conor McGregor


Conor McGregor is an Irish professional in mixed martial arts. He is currently a part of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He lives an extravagant life and is a huge fan of himself. About his gambling problem, he said that as soon as he gets some money, he has to get back in there to make more money. He also said that he would bet on himself if that was allowed.


  1. Niall McNamee

Niall McNamee is an Irish player of Gaelic football who plays for the Offaly County team. He was a big gambling addict which landed him in huge debts. He sold his car at half its price to get money to gamble more in the hope of winning and clearing his dues. He ended up losing all money within a week. He could not even afford proper shelter or any food. He joined Gamblers Anonymous and stopped gambling thereafter.


5. OisinMcConville

OisinMcconville is a former Irish Gaelic footballer who played for Amagh. Gambling got the better of him and ultimately led him to feel paranoid and suicidal. He used to put bets for his father in childhood. According to him, gambling is like a disease that is easily concealable. He recovered after joining GA and is now an addiction counsellor.

6. Keith Gillespie

He is a former Northern Irish professional footballer. His gambling problem started when he was an apprentice. He lost sums as huge as £62000 in two days and went bankrupt in 2010.


While some people manage to get out of the addiction, many lose not only money but also peace of minds and sometimes their lives. Gambling is a huge problem and requires much more attention than it is being given presently.


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