Toulon 2019 – a promising start for the Republic of Ireland

24 March 2019; Adam Idah of Republic of Ireland celebrates after scoring his side's first goal during the UEFA European U21 Championship Qualifier Group 1 match between Republic of Ireland and Luxembourg in Tallaght Stadium in Dublin. Photo by Eóin Noonan/Sportsfile

The Toulon tournament is one of the more interesting football competitions that take place in the world, inviting players from teams under 21 that are deemed to be the most interesting to be seen playing against each other.

It is considered to be a prestigious competition that specific countries get invited over and over to, to be able to showcase some of the most exciting players of their up and coming generations of footballers.

The 2019 season has started off with a great start for the Republic of Ireland specifically, with the very first game being a resounding victory and the predictions for the future games having an optimistic outlook. The brainiacs are thinking that Ireland might come out of the Championship with the title of champion in hand, which would be an exciting outcome for the players and the team.  
The scoring started immediately

The Irish team did not want to stall when they started the game and started scoring within 33 seconds of the beginning of the game. This was a sign of things to come and by the end of the game, Republic of Ireland had won against China by scoring four goals, showing the rest of the teams in the tournament that they had a lot to fear in the coming days of the competition. The 4-1 win is definitely something impressive, and would not be possible if not for the heroes of the game: Zack Elbouzedi, Aaron Connolly and Adam Idah, who managed to score two goals for his team, one of them being a gut-wrenching penalty as a result of the Chinese players deflecting the ball with their hand.

This victory allows the team to continue the championship, moving on to their next match, where they will be playing the Mexico team. This matchup is expected to be a little tougher for the Irish, but the coach of the team has said that this will not be presenting much of an issue. The team will definitely be challenged and the outcome is not guaranteed, but the players showed their skill on the day and have made a statement to those who do not expect the next game to be a victory – the Republic of Ireland has more than what it takes.

The opposition

The Chinese team was a little surprised by their loss – after all, they brought the team that is their Olympic contender. After the loss, the coach for the team, Guus Hiddink, might have been surprised, but kept a professional attitude and decided that the team needed more training. To them, this was more of a friendly practice to see where the team stands in terms of ability, rather than anything else.

The Mexican team is also composed of players who are part of the Olympic roster for Mexico, which means these guys will be some of the toughest fights that the Irish team has ever had. The Mexican team is nothing to trifle with as they have won their own victory in the recent game with Bahrain, even if the recent loss against the Netherlands might have made most fans consider them to be a net loss for the championship. The Ireland-Mexico game will be something to look forward to and is definitely going to be offering some of the most exciting plays of the year, so try not to miss it.



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