Usain Bolt Reveals Next Career Move after Retiring

After retiring from his career in sports Usain Bolt left every sports lover in quite a shock and misery. Now the Olympic fans won’t be able to see the eight-time Olympic gold medallist run with the speed of light on the tracks and make new world records. But Bolt is certainly not sitting ideal at home enjoying his free time, instead, he is set to use his luck in a poker game. Bolt revealed his plans of becoming professional poker player in the Bahamas during Poker tournament.


The 31 years old Bolt said, “I’m not best in the poker game. But I’m training to become a professional poker player. I’ve never really played poker for real money, just dabbled around at my friend’s house.” Bolt also added, “It’s really scary to know that what kind of money people stake in the big leagues. It’s literally in millions. I’ve played poker with my friends but just with chips and stuff like that.” For people who can play casino games at land-based casinos, might as well go to casino online to play various casino games at casinos like Jackpot Fruity.


Bolt expressed his true motive behind choosing this totally different career. He believes that if you don’t try something different, you’ll never know our capabilities and opportunity to learn new things. Bolt is now an ambassador for Poker along with Kevin Hart, a Jumanji star.


The 31 years old Bolt flew to the Bahamas on weekends, to participate in the Poker Caribbean Adventure tournament, which is considered as a major annual event in world Poker. Usain Bolt is known for his records in the Olympic games. Even after making world records in completing 100m race in 9.58s and 200m in 19.19s, Bolt regrets not running 200m in 19s.


He said, “I’ve only one unfulfilled ambition and that’s not completing 200m in 19s. But it’s going to stay unfulfilled. But I don’t regret it. I’m not unsatisfied. It was something I wanted to do. But I couldn’t do it.” Although Bolt couldn’t accomplish his goal, the retired Olympic player, is set to test his luck in something different than his previous career. He is training for becoming a professional poker player, learning about the different strategies, tricks and betting games that would surely help him in his new career.


Bolt had a chance to test his poker skills against the Hollywood comedian Kevin Hart in Poker tournament. Poker has recently launched the finale of their #GameOn series currently going on. The series continues to show the poker skills of world’s fastest man Usain Bolt and the Hollywood comedian Kevin Hart. And both the sports star and Hollywood celebrity are ready to beat each other at the poker table. Hart said, “Bolt may be fastest on the track but I’m going to take his chips faster.”


Bolt didn’t lose the chance to answer his opponent saying, “The funny wouldn’t be laughing at the poker table anymore when I take all of his chips.”


It would be interesting to watch how fast Bolt can take his opponent’s chips and if he is really cast for the poker game. The worldwide fans of Usain Bolt will have their eyes on Bolt’s new career and his new league in his life.


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