Video: Manchester United and Liverpool players team up for horrible car ad

It’s one of the bitterest rivalries in world football on and off the pitch but Manchester United and Liverpool players have come together to share their love of advertising high-end American cars.

Manchester United and Manchester City both to win this weekend is 9/2 with

The video features players from both teams speaking over each other in a half-arsed concept of coming together so you can watch the right half of Robin van Persies’s face talk in unison with the left half of Glen Johnson’s about being hosts of magic or some such.

The blurb accompanying the ad says: “Two great clubs and on the pitch, one great rivalry. Manchester United and Liverpool FC are unified by a mutual respect and driven by success, excellence and the support of their passionate fans.”

Fortunately for that facade of respect the producers of the ads opted not to have Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra share screen-time.


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