Walters Recovers for Republic of Ireland team to play Portugal

Jon Walters will hope to feature in the Republic of  Ireland team in their friendly with Portugal a week after being on an IV drip in hospital.

The Republic of Ireland striker was due to meet up with the national side but was sidelined with an unidentified virus after a trip to Dubai. Doctors initially prescribed the 30 year old medication for meningitis before deeming the illness to be caused by a mystery viral infection.

According to the Stoke City player,“I had woken up in Dubai and started to get headaches and my eyes got worse. By the time I landed, I was struggling to drive home from the airport. I got a good night’s sleep, but the next morning I woke up the same, just really, really bad headaches.”

“My eyes were really sore and I couldn’t look up at the light. I was struggling all day and went to hospital that night.”

“Because I had headaches and the like, they put me straight through and put me on a drip and gave me antibiotics for meningitis just in case.”

Walters explained that his daughter had also displayed symptoms of the virus but both of their conditions improved rapidly. The Irishman now sets his sights on playing against European giants Portugal in their last World Cup warm-up game.

Ireland face Portugal at the Met Life Stadium in New Jersey tonight. Kick-off is at 12:45 am Irish time.


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