Watching A Boring Game? 4 Ways To Keep Yourself Entertained

No matter how much you love sport, there’s no getting over the fact that individual games can get quite dull. This happens fairly often when two very evenly-matched teams face each other and there’s so much defensive play that things never really get exciting.

Thankfully there are plenty of ways to battle boredom if the game you’re watching isn’t exactly electrifying. Here are a few of the top options to consider.

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Play Mobile Games

Constantly flicking between the TV and your phone screen as you scroll endlessly through social media might make you more frustrated with the action on the pitch, not less. So why not install a game on your handset and enjoy a truly engaging distraction?

There literally thousands of games available, from strategic titles like Clash of Clans and Hearthstone to classically entertaining slots platforms like Casumo. Check out this guide to learn more about the benefits of playing for real cash on your mobile if it sounds like fun.

Work Out

Rather than watching the screen and feeling like your brain is about to pour out of your ears when a boring game is on, why not use the time productively and get active? Exercise isn’t just a great way to pass the time from a physical health perspective; it can also be hugely helpful for your mental health as well.

What’s more, you don’t even need to buy any heavy or expensive equipment to help you work out while the game is on. Just clear some space on the floor and stick with classic exercises, like push-ups, squats, sit-ups and burpees to make the most of the afternoon.

If you find exercise dull, then why not try to tie your work out into the game and boost your interest in both things simultaneously? When a point is scored, a play made or a refereeing decision given, you could plan to do a few reps of a specific manoeuvre as a punishment, or a reward, depending on your perspective.

Play a Board Game

It might not sound immediately amazing as an idea, but if you’re already watching the game with friends and you’re all getting a bit despondent, it might be time to change things up with a board game.

You could stick to well known options like Monopoly or Scrabble, but there’s a bit of a board game renaissance going on at the moment, so there are plenty of new titles to try out if you want something a bit different.

Take One Night Ultimate Werewolf, for example. Aside from the amazing name, it’s a great gaming experience for up to 10 people with rounds that only take about 10 minutes to complete. It’s a little like a more stratified version of Wink Murder, but with a focus asking questions, making accusations and protesting your innocence.

Get Sketching

If you still want to keep your eyes on the screen and your mind on the game, even if things have become a little boring, then you might want to explore your creative side. Grab a sketch pad and a pencil or pen, then start drawing your favourite players, the stands filled with fans and anything else that catches your eye.

If you’re a complete sketching novice, then you might feel a bit intimidated by this idea. To get around this, it might be worth taking advantage of the many digital resources available online. These tutorials are a good place to start, but there are also apps available for iPhone and Android that can achieve a similar end with step by step support.


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