What to know before dating a sports fan

Joe Canning hopes to be back in action against Clare on Sunday.

Ireland is well known for its passion for sport. Using online dating in Ireland gives you a really high chance of meeting a sports fan. In case you’ve just met a wonderful guy on a dating website and it turned out he is a massive sports fan. What does that mean for your relationship? After all, sports are complicated and it is definitely a passion that is going to affect your lives. So here are five things to know before dating a sports fan.

1. Sports Are All About Passion

If you are not a sports fan, you might wonder what the big deal is about the World Cup. Okay, it is football but for everyone around the world. So what? Well, for a sports fan, the games are more than games. They are a symbol of national pride and competition, things that many men and women crave but cannot always engage in themselves. So, they are going to scream at the television and they may hug you after that late penalty kick. Bottom line: there are going to be ups and downs on sports days.

2. They Want You To Ask Questions

Sharing passions is one of the most important parts of a relationship. Your significant other will be thrilled to help you learn about the game that they are following. They want you to ask them what off-sides means for your team and why you are gesturing at the television right now. However, they want you to be actually honest with your approach to sports. You do not have to like the sports, so the worst thing you can do is pretend to be interested when you are rolling your eyes at the answers.

3. They Do Not Want You To Ask Questions Right Now

Dating a sports fan is all about timing. If you have decided that you want to learn the rules of basketball, wait until the game is over or a commercial break has started. Has someone ever stopped you in the middle of the movie to explain a quote? Do you remember how badly that takes you out of the moment? The same thing applies to sports and on behalf of all sports lovers with a significant other: please do not interrupt the last few moments of the game to ask a question. We love you, but right now we also love the fact that LeBron James is pulling game ending heroics.

4. We Have Rituals For Good Luck

You might be asking why we always wear the same jersey and sit in the same seat and have the same two drinks. Well, you can guarantee that there is a story behind these rituals. And that is exactly what they are: good luck rituals to ensure that our team keeps winning. Deep down we might accept that they do not affect the outcome, but we do not want to risk it. As a significant other, you can question the rituals, but please do not mock us for them.

5. We Love You More Than Sports: Stop Making The Comparison

The final thing you need to understand is that we are going to be highly passionate about sports, but we love you. Please do not try to make us give up our sports days to do something with you that we do not like. Good couples are able to enjoy their own things, and just because we scream and whoop and cry and does mean we do not have a high level of passion for you as well.

It is important to understand all these factors with regards to dating a sports fan. Sports fans are vocal, happy, sad, and everything in between during sports because we want to feel the excitement and togetherness that they bring. More than anything, we want you go be a part of our sports life, even if you are not as crazy about it as us.


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